It is a commodious brick building containing a well equipped high school and grammar school.’

The New St. Albans Academy – Built in 1856

On February 11, 1832, a Legislative Act was passed to incorporate an Academy known first as St. Albans Academy due to the location at the time of the Hartland-St. Albans Town Line. The Academy’s original Board of Trustees included; Henry Warren, Sewell Prescott, Augustus J. Brown, George Lancey, Jr, Levi Johnson, Ebenezer Hutchinson, Cleophus Boyd, Ambrose Finson, Abraham Bean, Dr. Calvin Blake, Peleg C. Haskell, Thomas Smith, Joseph Roberts & Nathan Douglas. The Academy’s first Principal was William J. Carthell.

From 1832 to 1856, the Academy’s first schoolhouse was located next to the current Academy Street site at the Strafford Mills Homestead, so called, which later became the homestead of Albion Keith Libby. In 1846, the Hartland-St Albans Town line was redefined placing the school within Hartland town limits but interchangeable references to it as St. Albans Academy or Hartland Academy continued for decades.





St. Albans Academy Brochure – 1853

In 1856, a new brick building to house the academy was built on its current site at a reported cost of $3,500. As noted in an article of its history in the 1932 Ripple Yearbook, “It was a commodious brick building containing a well equipped high school and grammar school.” 

Hartland Village – 1860

The Academy was its own private entity managed financially and operationally by a Board of Trustees separate from the town. It served as a multi-purpose facility for various levels of private and public education as well as a meeting place for local civic organizations. Beginning in 1858, a dedicated room on the upper floor was used by the newly chartered Hartland Corinthian Lodge No. 95. Another room was used beginning in 1883 by the International Order of Odd Fellows No. 101 until their new meeting room was built at the Opera House-Town Hall in 1892.

Hartland Academy

Hartland Academy’s private, tuition based course of study drew hundreds of students from around the area over the decades, many of whom were boarded by local townspeople for an additional fee. Its impressive list of alumnus who attended school there include future Maine Governors Selden Connor and Llewellyn Powers as well as lawyers, judges, university presidents, ambassadors and other professionals.

Hartland Academy – Fall Term 1872

Hartland Academy from Baptist Church Steeple – c1877

The Academy also shared classroom space with Hartland Common Schools (Primary to Grade 8) as well as its high school grade students. Rooms and services were leased to the town on a yearly basis with the fees and conditions voted on annually at Town Meetings. This arrangement stood for decades with almost every grade using a room at the Academy at one time or another.

1903 Hartland Town Report – Article 24: To see if the town will vote to authorize the Superintending School Committee to make arrangements with the Trustees of Hartland Academy for the instruction of our free High School and Grammar School pupils.

1929 Hartland Town Report – Article 14: To see if the town will vote to instruct the Super­intending School Committee to arrange with Hartland Academy to furnish instructions to its High School pupils for the year ensuing, and to act upon anything relating thereto, and to raise such sums of money as will be necessary to furnish its pupils with free High School instruction.

1949 Hartland Town Report – Article 40: To see if the town will vote to authorize its Super­intending School Committee to contract with Hartland Academy, to furnish instruction to its high school pupils.

1949 Hartland Town Report – Article 41: To see what sum the town will vote to raise and appropriate to furnish instruction to its high school pupils. (Recommended $7,500.00)

To see more digitized Hartland Town Reports dating back to the early 1900s, click the link below:

Hartland Town Reports Online

Hartland Common School Pupils at Hartland Academy – c1916

Names of these pupils written on the back of the photo. Many of them are also noted below with the Class of 1926.

Hartland Common School Pupils (Photo courtesy of Donna Perkins & Cheryl Simpson)

Postcard of Hartland Academy before 1917 Gymnasium Renovations

Hartland Academy – c1900

A noted gathering of Teachers for some type of training (?) with several from Hartland Academy including Mary (Anderson) Butterfield.

 Teacher’s Meeting at Hartland Academy – c1907

The site of the Academy’s first schoolhouse between 1832 & 1856 is seen in the background as the Albion K. Libby Homestead.

Hartland Academy & Albion K. Libby Homestead – 1910

In 1914, Hartland Academy Alumnus Hon. David D. Stewart (brother of Levi Stewart of Corinna) presented his Alma Mata with a gracious financial gift to build a full size athletic field behind the school which included future funding for the field’s maintenance and other projects. 

Hazel (Emery) Penny (1892-1977) from Blake Street with new Ballfield before Gymnasium Renovation – c1915

Stewart’s donation included a $3,000 credit toward future athletic facility upgrades some of which were used to remodel the gymnasium in 1917. The change of windows in the center of the building due to the gym remodeling project are seen in the photos below.

Hartland Academy’s New Athletic Field before Grandstand was built – c1917

Hartland Academy’s New Athletic Field after Grandstand was built – c1917

Baseball Game being played on the new Athletic Field – c1917 (Photo donated by Timothy Boulanger)

Included in the Hartland Academy Gymnasium Renovation Project was the addition of at least one known exterior Fire Escape.

Hartland Academy with new Exterior Fire Escape – Taken between 1917 & 1923

Hartland Academy – c1917

In 1914, the 1st Volume of a Hartland Academy Yearbook was published by students and faculty. Publication of “The Ripple” continued annually until the Academy’s final school year in 1968. We have a respectable collection of these yearbooks in our archives but continue to search for several early missing years. An ongoing project to digitize every page of all the yearbooks we currently have and share them here on our website is in the works. Several of the issues which have been digitized thus far are attached to their respective class below.

The Ripple – Published 1914 to 1968

Numerous framed photographs from several Hartland Academy Classes were donated to the Hartland Historical Society by the Town of Hartland for preservation which we are pleased to share below. Many other items have also been donated or their photos shared with us so we may present the storied history of Hartland Academy over the decades of its existence. We are grateful for these contributions and welcome all related items or photos. As more items and photos are gathered we will continue to add classes to our growing online collection below.


~ Hartland Academy – Class of 1915 ~


(Photos courtesy of the Family of Wilma Gladys (Wilkins) Bouton)

Peleg William Sprague (1891-1970) was Principal of Hartland Academy as noted in the program above serving in the position from 1913 to 1915. Born in Bath, he attended Bowdoin College before graduating from Wesleyan College in 1913. He was just 22 years old when he began working at the Academy as Principal. He would later serve in World War I with the U. S. Navy.


Peleg William Sprague (Photos & information courtesy of his grandson David Roberts) 


~ Hartland Academy – Class of 1917 ~


(Donated by Gerald & Pat Martin) 


~ Hartland Academy – Class of 1919 ~


(Photos courtesy of the Family of Mary Lois (Wilkins) Worthen – Mother of Mary Ellen (Worthen) Cooper ’39)


~ Hartland Academy – Class of 1920 ~

1920 Diploma of Beatrice Ellen (Randlett) Pelly (1901-1992)

Beatrice is the daughter of Carl Randlett & Maude Annis

Hartland Academy Boys Basketball Team – 1920


~ Hartland Academy – Class of 1921 ~

1921 Diploma of Arthur Ray Spaulding

Ray is the son of

The last known photo taken of the original Hartland Academy Building just weeks before it would meet its fiery fate.

Hartland Academy – October 20, 1923

On Friday, December 7, 1923 a huge fire raged through Hartland Academy reducing it to nothing but a brick shell. No source of the fire has been found thus far but the entire interior of the building was a complete loss including photos and school records.

Hartland Academy Fire – December 7, 1923

Hartland Academy Fire – December 7, 1923

Hartland Academy Fire – December 7, 1923

Hartland Academy Fire – December 9, 1923

For the remainder of the 1923-1924 school year, Academy students attended make shift classrooms at the Opera House-Town Hall while the citizens of Hartland rallied from the devastating loss and moved forth with immediate plans to rebuild Hartland Academy.

Even without a home, the Hartland Academy Class of 1924 still graduated that spring. Ironically perhaps, future Hartland Volunteer Fire Department Fire Chief Carleton Deering was in this graduating class seated in the front row 2nd from the left.


~ Hartland Academy – Class of 1924 ~

Rebecca Pennell, Carleton Deering, Elmer Ward, Jennie Hubbard, Joseph McGee, Frank Wing, Clyde Brooks, Edwin Waterman, Nathalie Lewis, Melvin Waterman, Newton Smith, Edward Brown, Milton Morrison (Unknown Seating Order)

1924 Hartland Town Meeting – Article 17: To see what sum of money the town will vote to raise to rebuild Hartland Academy, so called, to see what method the town will take to raise funds for the same, and to act upon anything relating thereto.

1924 H. B. Clifford – Superintendent of Hartland Schools;“The burning of the Academy building in December was a great loss to us for it was still a fairly satisfactory school house, although crowded. The building was well equipped for a small school. It means a big expense to us for years to come, but there is no way of avoiding the issue. Our schools must be maintained at reasonable efficiency, even at considerable per­sonal sacrifice. I feel confident that our people will erect a sufficiently large and modern building to meet the needs of our boys and girls for the years to come.”

Within a year of its destruction by fire, Hartland Academy was rebuilt and was reopened in the Fall of 1924. The new building was constructed on the same site incorporating the original facade as the centerpiece of the expanded modern facility.

New Hartland Academy – November 21, 1924

New Hartland Academy – November 28, 1924

Homage would eventually be paid to the original Academy engraved over the center of the main entrance.

Hartland Academy – Main Entrance Engraving – 2020


~ Hartland Academy – Class of 1925 ~

The first Class to graduate from the new Hartland Academy Building.

Class of 1925 – Panoramic Class Photo

Class of 1925 – Close-Up 1 of 4

Class of 1925 – Close-Up 2 of 4

Class of 1925 – Close-Up 3 of 4

Class of 1925 – Close-Up 4 of 4

Hartland Academy Football County Champs – 1925


~ Hartland Academy – Class of 1926 ~







1926 Diploma of Edward B. Snow

(Courtesy of Dana Perkins)


~ Hartland Academy – Class of 1928 ~

1928 Diploma of Lenora Mae (Brooks) Morgan

She would marry Thirnwood Morgan, Sr in 1930

Hartland Academy Orchestra

1st Row: Howard Gray, Raymond Waltham, Howie Jamison, Clarence Genther, Francis Coston,
Edson Goodrich, Ted Griffith, Florice Stevens & Music Teacher Doris Harlow.
2nd Row: Earl Hart, _____ (unknown), Fanny Griffith, Mary Hart, Jimmy Fuller, Roger Baker & Don Randlett
3rd Row: Angilee Fuller, Bernice Harding, Eileen Seekins, Geneva Merrill, Frank Mathews, Darrell Currie & Philip Nelson


~ Hartland Academy – Class of 1930 ~

1st Row: Raymond Thorne, Robert Stedman, Edna Withee, Thelma Thorne, Floyd Emery, Margaret Buker
2nd Row:
Malcolm Carr, Aubrey Burbank, Florice Green, Gwendolyn Webber, George Markham, Geneva Merrill
3rd Row:
Clarence Merrow, Ralph Young, Marguerite Whittemore, Pauline Baker, Theodore Griffith, Grace Davis, Dorothy Butters

1930 Diploma of Marguerite Abigail Whittemore


1934-1935 Girl’s Basketball Team

Hartland Academy 1934-1935


~ Hartland Academy – Class of 1935 ~

(Order of Names Pending)

Class of 1935 Graduation Program

1935 Baseball Team

Front Row (L-R): Howard Williamson, James Seekins, Floyd Webber, Howard Baird, Robert Stout, Donlin McCormack, Earle Merrow
Back Row: Coach Howard W. Louder, Kenneth Baird, Alfred Bell, Andrew Peterson, Donald Hollister, Wendell Marr


~ Hartland Academy – Class of 1936 ~

1st Row: Stephen Miller, Margaret Ashe, Maurice Hatch
2nd Row:
Marion Hollister, Phillip Baird, Althea Tobey, Charlotte Grant
3rd Row:
Frank Ford, Charlotte McCrillis, Kathleen Pelkie, Leland Cunningham
4th Row:
Lillian Lewis, Lennis Harris, Vivian Greene
5th Row:
Barbara Weymouth, Thelma Cookson


~ Hartland Academy – Class of 1937 ~

The correct order of names is currently unknown but are noted as:
Bea Mills, Clayton Merrill, Arlene Stedman, Alice Chapman, Myron Davis, Donald Withee, Clara Woodbury, Donald Hollister, Dorothy Leemond, Frances Fellows, Donlin McCormack, Marie Libby, Lyle Martin, Kenneth Wiers, Phyllis Baird, Bertha Smith, Eva Lowell


~ Hartland Academy – Class of 1938 ~

1st Row: Russell Dunlop, Kathleen Culley, Joseph Ford, Opal Wiers, Kenneth Baird
2nd Row:
Eleanor Libby, Robert Perkins, Ardis Moulton, Wendall Marr, Pauline Young
3rd Row:
Norman Strout, Lona Clark, James Moore, Mildred Wentworth, Andrew Peterson
4th Row:
Marion Ash, Arthur Littlefield, Grace Parsons, Liston Inman, Erlene Hughes
5th Row:
Cherrie Thorne, Mildred Cooley, Miriam Steeves, Marguerite Wheeler


~ Hartland Academy – Class of 1939 ~


~ Hartland Academy – Class of 1940 ~


~ Hartland Academy – Class of 1941 ~

1st Row: Donald McLean, Jacqueline Buker, Glenis Cunningham, C. Jeanette Smith, Edward Hilton

2nd Row: Linwood Perkins, Margaret Lord, Luther Nichols, Meredith Knowles, Clyde Cookson Jr, Marguerite Walker

3rd Row: Mary McDougal, Philip Libby, Helen Cheney, Margaret Moore, Geraldine Knowles, Ernest Inman, Mabel Nutter

4th Row: Herbert Davis, Rendall Phinney, Virginia Millett, Grace Lord, Omar Wheeler, Leon Patten

5th Row: Allen Jones, Priscilla Mower, Verne McLean, Valti McDougal, Sheldon Ballard, Jean-Marie Lucas, Bertram Thorne




Class of 1941 Graduation Program


~ Hartland Academy – Class of 1942 ~

The Ripple Dedication – 1942


~ Tribute to Hartland Academy Students Killed or Missing In Action in World War II ~

A Gold Star Ceremony on behalf of these men was also held at Warren Square in 1949.

Donlin Francis McCormack – KIA – July 18, 1943

Arthur W. Sherburne – KIA – December 30, 1943  |  Norman Steeves – KIA – January 7, 1943

Clarence E. Walker – KIA – June 7, 1944

Rendall Wallace Phinney – KIA – June 9, 1944


~ Hartland Academy – Class of 1948 ~

1st Row: Hilda Wade, Ruth Page, Ruth Fox, Patricia Perry, Mary Bragg, Arvene Ham,

Helene Withee, Gweneth Neal, Colleen Stromback, Mary Fisher, Janet Seekins

2nd Row: Phil Estes, Raymond Lucas, Harvey Martin, Linwood Wheeler, Marie Smith, Winnafred Mower,

Thomas Gee, Raymond Braley, Paul Neal, Kenneth Hughes

3rd Row: Harold Duran, Kenneth Pelkie, Charles Russell, Ashley Parker, Robert Downs, Roger Parker,
Donn McLaughn, James Snow, Edmond Seekins, Maynard Yathmore
Missing from Photo: Justin Humphrey, Kenneth Lary, George Quimby, David Tibbetts


~ Hartland Academy – Class of 1950 ~

The Ripple – 1950


~ Hartland Academy – Class of 1951 ~

The Ripple – 1951


~ Hartland Academy – Class of 1954 ~

The Ripple – 1954


~ Hartland Academy – Class of 1955 ~

The Ripple – 1955


~ Hartland Academy – Class of 1956 ~

The Ripple – 1956


~ Hartland Academy – Class of 1957 ~

The Ripple – 1957


~ Hartland Academy – Class of 1959 ~

The Ripple – 1959


~ Hartland Academy – Class of 1960 ~

The Ripple – 1960



~ Hartland Academy – Class of 1961 ~

The Ripple – 1961


~ Hartland Academy – Class of 1962 ~

The Ripple – 1962


~ Hartland Academy – Class of 1964 ~

The Ripple – 1964


“The Hartland Academy Band was elected as the Official State of Maine Band to attend the 1964 National Cherry Blossom Festival in Washington, D.C. After being chosen, the band and the senior class joined and made the trip a week long time of fun, learning, and most of all honor to our school. We visited both New York and Washington D. C. on this trip. The members of the band marched on April 11, 1964 in the Parade of Princesses. We were all very thrilled and rewarded as we marched down Constitution Avenue.” – Linwood Humphrey – The Ripple

Hartland Academy Band – 1964

Hartland Academy Band – 1964

Hartland Academy Band – 1964

Hartland Academy Band – 1964

Hartland Academy Band – 1964

Hartland Academy Band – 1964


~ Hartland Academy – Class of 1965 ~

The Ripple – 1965


On November 16, 1965 the citizens of Hartland, Corinna, Newport, Palmyra and St. Albans voted to create Maine School Administrative District #48. Students of the new school district continued attending their respective area schools while plans for a new regional high school were formed and brought to fruition. The area high school Classes of 1967 & 1968 from Hartland Academy, Corinna Union Academy and Newport High School received diplomas noting both their respective school name and M.S.A.D. #48.


~ Hartland Academy – Class of 1966 ~

The Ripple – 1966


~ Hartland Academy – Class of 1967 ~

The Ripple – 1967


~ Hartland Academy – Class of 1968 ~

“She’s seen the first and now she’s seen the last.”

The Ripple – 1968

1st Row: Ethelyn Wentworth, Pauline Lindsay, Shari Tapley, Allen Perry, Gerry Wheeler Jr, Florence Curtis, Kathy Powers, Karen Chambers
2nd Row: Sally Hall, Sylvia Stedman, Rose Reynolds, Peggy Ricker, Brenda Strickland, Peggy Morgan, Carol Hartley
3rd Row: Philip Melanson, Earl Hughes, Ralph Brown, Karen Stedman, Bruce Washburn, Linwood Vanadestine Jr, Roger Kniffen, Charlie Denbow
4th Row: Dana Cooper, Daryl Gordon, Frank Bryant, Ozzie Hardy, Larry Lary, Roland Dubey, John Cook
5th Row: David Whitten, Malcolm Burrell



Class of 1968 Graduation Program


~ The End of an Era ~

The beloved building served the local community as Hartland Academy for 112 years as a home for high school education but time had come for change. In the Fall of 1968, the newly formed Maine School Administrative District #48 opened Nokomis Regional High School located on the Williams Road in Newport for Grade 9 thru Grade 12 students from Hartland, Corinna, Newport, Palmyra and St. Albans centralizing all its high school students at the new facility. They would later be joined by students from Etna, Dixmont & Plymouth.

The students of Hartland in the Class of 1972 would become the only class not to attend Hartland Academy as high school students as they went from Hartland Consolidated School as 8th Graders directly to Nokomis Regional High School as 9th Graders.

The former Academy building continued being used for educational purposes as Hartland Junior High School for Grade 7 and Grade 8 students from Hartland, St Albans & Palmyra until it closed at the end of the 2002 school year to make way for the new Somerset Valley Middle School built behind it which included Grades 5 through Grade 8 and opened that Fall.

Following its closure in 2002, the building housed the Hartland Town Office and the Hartland Historical Society until November of 2008 before it was finally abandoned by the town due to major operating expenses and overwhelming needed repairs. The Town Office returned its former home at the Town Hall and the Academy building was eventually sold to a private owner.

Hartland Academy 1856-1968 (Photo courtesy of Will Bunker Photography)