We are grateful for the many items generously donated to our growing Artifacts Collection by numerous contributors over the years. 

More to come! Some of the items shown below have been photographed by their owners and shared with us as noted.


Several items from the Moor Family originally owned by Florence (Moor) Smith (1858-1949); daughter of Amasa James Moor.

Moor Family High Chair (Donated by Margaret Moore Francis)


Moor Family Rocking Chair (Donated by Margaret Moore Francis)


Florence (Moor) Smith Dress (Donated by Margaret Moore Francis)


Dr. Lynne H. Blanchard operated the Hartland Drug Store between 1902 & 1906.

Hartland Drug Store Medicine Bottle (Donated)


The famous “Gold Toilet” from the Hartland Opera House~Town Hall restored by HHS Member Elmer Littlefield in 2019.

Vogel “Gold Toilet” (Donated by Town of Hartland)


The Hartland Tanners were the local baseball team sponsored by Hartland Tanning Company


Hartland Tanners Baseball Team Uniform (Donated)


The Pleasant Street School served Hartland students from 1914-1950 before it was sold to American Legion Post #141.

Teacher’s Bell from Pleasant Street Schoolhouse (Photo courtesy of Hilda Emery Nutter Family)


Poster of Hartland I. O. O. F. No. 106 Members serving in World War II.

I.O.O.F. “Boys in Service” Poster (Donated)


George Merrill Lancey & Thomas Archibald Linn built a dual Family Camp on Great Moose Lake in the 1890s.

Camp DeLancey (Photo courtesy of Baird Family)


The Hartland Public Library was founded in 1903 with its first dedicated home on Commercial Street in 1934, then later on Mill Street.

Hartland Public Library Bookmark (Donated)


Purchased by Bertram Thorne in 2003 as a 50th Wedding Anniversary gift for his lifelong friends, Raymond & Beverly (Neal) Martin.

Anniversary Crockery Set (Donated by Raymond & Beverly Neal Martin)


The Hartland Tanning Company opened in Hartland in 1936; later known as Irving Tanning Company.

Irving Tanning Company Promotional Frisbee (Donated)


Irving Tanning Company Box Cutter (Photo courtesy of Sam Fuller)


Mini-Sewing Machine used by Meredith (Knowles) Randlett as a young girl.

“Baby Grand” Mini-Sewing Machine (Photo courtesy of Meredith Knowles Randlett)


The Hotpoint Electric Stove from the kitchen at Hartland Opera House~Town Hall

1922 Hotpoint Hughes Electric Stove (Donated by Town of Hartland)


Harry Sterns operated one of his early Department Stores in Hartland on Commercial Street in the 1920s.

Stern’s Department Store Pencil Box (Online Photo)


Hartland & St Albans Telephone Company on Elm Street, later purchased by TDS.

TDS~Hartland & St Albans Telephone Company Promotional Items (Donated by Marilyn Carr)


Twilight Rebekah Lodge No. 60 held their meetings at the Opera House~Town Hall.

Twilight Rebekah Lodge No. 60 Ceremonial Sashes (Donated by Town of Hartland)


The duplicate copy of the 1970 Sesquicentennial Film has been digitally reproduced by the Hartland Historical Society for our archives.

1970 Sesquicentennial Original Film (Courtesy of Town of Hartland)


Alberta “Bertie” (Wilkes) Hanson operated her clothing store on Commercial Street

B. W. Hanson Business Card (Donated)


5 Mile Road Sign leading into Hartland from an unknown road.

Hartland Road Sign (Photo courtesy of Ralph McLaughlin)


An old lock found at the former Furbush Residence on Pleasant Street

Old Lock (Photo courtesy of John Hikel)


Lewis B. Wheeler operated his L. B. Wheeler General Store on Outer Main Street next to the Railroad Depot.

L. B. Wheeler Grocery Bag (Donated by Marilyn Carr)


William Moor settled in Hartland in 1802 where he built the first Sawmill on Commercial Street at the Sebasticook River.

Moor Sawmill Reproduction (Donated)


Merchants like George Merrill Lancey would often pack a customer’s purchased goods into a box and wrap the box with twine then attach a handle to the twine for easier carrying of their items as well as providing some good advertising like this one seen below. 

G. M. Lancey Store Box Handle (Photos courtesy of Mike Massey)


In 1902, a Hartland Branch of Waterville Trust Company opened at G. M. Lancey’s Commercial Street Store

Waterville Trust Company – Pocket Coin Bank (Photo courtesy of Sam Fuller)


Packing Box for H. C. Baxter’s Finest Fancy Maine Sugar Peas from the former Furbush Residence on Pleasant Street.

Baxter’s Packing Box (Photo courtesy of John Hikel)


World War II Bronze Cemetery Marker recovered from an unknown gravesite.

World War II Bronze Emblem (Donated)


Vernard Stedman served for many years with the Hartland Volunteer Fire Department & Somerset County Sheriff Department.


Vernard Stedman Items (Donated by Stedman Family)


Thomas Archibald Linn and his wife Clarabelle Osborne purchased land from Calvin Blake, Jr and built the first house on what would become Blake Street at the corner of Academy Street about 1892.

Thomas Archibald Linn – Mason 32nd Degree Shaving Cup (Donated)


This beautiful and very large mural hung in the Employee Break Room at H. C. Baxter & Brothers Canning Company.

H. C. Baxter & Brothers Canning Company – Break Room Mural (Donated)


Dr. Charles A. Moulton moved his company to Hartland where he incorporated as the Hartland & St. Albans Telephone Company in 1903.

1908 Phone Directory (Donated by Gerald & Pat Martin)


Andrew H. Buck operated A. H. Buck Stove & Tin Shop on Commercial Street and also offered imported porcelain items with local landmarks.

A. H. Buck Porcelain – Opera House (Donated by Estate of Mary Anderson Butterfield)


A. H. Buck Porcelain – Hartland Academy (Donated by Estate of Mary Anderson Butterfield)


A. H. Buck Porcelain – Methodist Church (Donated by Meredith Knowles Randlett)


A. H. Buck Porcelain – Baptist Church (Photo courtesy of Ann Foss)


The Hartland Chamber of Commerce was formed in 1932. They produced a full length brochure noting Hartland’s many attractions.

Cover of Hartland Chamber of Commerce Brochure (Donated)


Walter H. Moore and his son Merrill A. Moore opened their woodworking operation on North Street in 1923.

W. H. Moore & Son Sign (Donated)


One of the many canned products offerings by  H. C. Baxter & Brothers Canning Company.

Baxter’s Finest Shelled Beans (Donated)


Leather Calendars made by the Woburn Machine Company for Irving Tanning Company.



Tannery Calendars (Donated by Tom Kelso)


The Great Auction of 1932 offered numerous properties owned by the American Woolen Company; formerly Linn Woolen Mill.

Cover of original brochure owned by Fred Libby (Courtesy of Wayne Libby)


This emblem sat on top of the original World War I & World War II Veterans Honor Roll at the Bandstand in Warren Square.

Hartland Volunteer Fire Department Honor Roll Sign Emblem (Donated to HHS & Returned to H.V.F.D.)


The International Order of Odd Fellows No. 101 met at the Opera House-Town Hall in their dedicated room on the 3rd Floor.

International Order of Odd Fellows No. 101 Safe at Town Hall (Photo courtesy of Mark Kantor)


The Morrill Pond Fish & Game Association of Hartland was formed in the mid 1950s.

Morrill Pond Fish & Game Association Pins (Donated)


The Hartland Academy Alumni Association was formed in 1923.

Hartland Academy Alumni Association Sign (Donated)


In 2020, a group of followers from Hartland Historical Society’s Facebook Group rallied together to purchase online an original Sebasticook Walking Skirt manufactured by Fuller-Osborne Manufacturing which was in turn graciously donated to the Hartland Historical Society.

Original Sebasticook Walking Skirt (Donated)


1892 Grand Opening Poster for the original Hartland Opera House~Town Hall

Opera House ~ Town Hall Grand Opening Poster (Donated by Raymond & Beverly Martin)