Hartland, Maine | Incorporated February 7, 1820


We are pleased to share this ongoing presentation featuring the Hartland Historical Society’s collection of photos, documents, records, maps and artifacts along with numerous other historically related items from many additional sources. We are very grateful to the many, many people who have contributed to our collection over the years and supported our cause to preserve and present the history of our town. Thank you!


“I know not what the truth to be, I tell the tale ’twas told to me.”

We attempt to make every possible effort to research and accurately describe the events, photos and documents presented throughout our website, however we realize unintended errors or omissions are likely to occur. We are always seeking new details regarding any of the existing photos or information to correct these potential errors as well as continuing our ongoing search for new photos, artifacts, documents or stories related to Hartland’s history. Your input is welcomed via our Contact Us page.


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Hartland Historical Society

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Established on October 23, 2001, the Hartland Historical Society is a certified 501(c) non-profit organization supported solely by annual membership dues, donations and various fundraising events.

Our society is made up of all volunteers dedicated to the discovery, preservation and presentation of historical photos, records, maps and artifacts related to Hartland, Maine.

Your support is greatly appreciated and always welcomed!

Hartland Historical Society Offices for 2022-2023

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Dorothy Humphrey


Norma Munn


Deborah Tapley

Vice-President & Website Coordinator

Bruce Fowler

Board of Directors

Brenda Seekins (2022-2023)

Robert Hodgkins, Jr (2022-2024)

 Stacy Halford (2022-2025)

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