“School unquestionably marks an important milestone in the progress of not only the educa­tional advantages afforded our children, but is at the same time bring­ing into existence an organized protection for both their moral charac­ter and physical force.”

(From the Report of Hartland School Superintending Committee Members Allen R. Burton, D. A. Packard & George M. Lancey – 1909)

Pleasant Street School – 1923

It is safe to presume Hartland’s early settlers established some form of educational system for their children from 1802 through 1820. We have not yet found documentation to confirm specific locations before Hartland officially became a town in 1820 but these early settlers undoubtedly built some type of dedicated schoolhouses within the major population settlement regions of North Hartland, West Hartland and the Village.

A detailed history of the elementary grade schools is available on the link below. This report uses applicable excerpts relating to the Hartland Common Schools, so called, for Primary through Grade 8, included in Hartland Town Reports from our archives to provide a historical glimpse into the workings of the school system via individual reports presented annually by the School Committee, Superintendents and School Physicians. Proposed school budgets, expenditures and Town Meeting Articles provide further insight into the establishment, repair and/or end of various schoolhouses located throughout Hartland. As more information and photos are discovered, we’ll update this document.

A History of Hartland Common Schools

The schools below are mentioned within Town Reports over the decades. Several are also noted but unnamed on the 1860, 1883 & 1900 Maps of Hartland designated only as “S.H.” More schools are likely to have existed before town line boundary changes but they are unknown so far.

Some of the schoolhouses below which had previously been located within Hartland’s original land boundaries were later “shared” with neighboring towns to which the land had been annexed to including Athens (Corson’s Corner School), Canaan (Slab City School) and Palmyra (Unknown Name). Tuition was paid to those towns for Hartland based pupils to attend school there due to their proximity of the schoolhouse and a lack of viable and consistent means of transportation to another Hartland School District.

North Hartland

  • Webber School: Near Stafford Pond, closed 1931
  • Starbird School: Near Starbird Pond, aka North Hartland School, closed 1917
  • Burrill School: On the former Burrill Road, closed by 1900
  • Corson’s Corner School: Near Black Stream, aka Coston’s Corner School, later became part of Athen Schools, closed 1933

West Hartland

  • Fuller’s Corner School: Last of all the rural schools to close in 1942
  • Slab City School: West of Morrill Pond, later became part of Canaan Schools
  • Church’s Corner School: South of Morrill Pond, closed by 1900
  • Palmyra School: Unknown school name, located near Pittsfield Avenue, closed by 1900
  • Rand School: North of Morrill Pond, closed 1917
  • Huff Hill School: Closed 1917
  • Bean’s Corner School: Later became part of Pittsfield Schools, closed 1931

Hartland Village

  • Ireland School: Original schoolhouse on Pleasant Street located at the future town swimming pool lot, closed 1916
  • Pleasant Street School: Replaced Ireland School, aka Athens Street School, 1916-1950, sold to American Legion Post 141
  • Vestry School Rooms: At the Methodist Church, temporary use for Common School Pupils from 1937-1940
  • Randlett Block School Rooms: Hartland Hardware Store, temporary use for Common School Pupils from 1942-1950
  • Hartland Consolidated School: Built in 1950 centralizing all Hartland Common School Pupils until 1968

Known Hartland Schoolhouse Locations – 1883

Hartland Academy also served as home for various grades of Common School Pupils over the decades who had classes on the Bottom Floor.

Common School Students attending Classes held at Hartland Academy – 1916



Pleasant Street School – Unknown Year

Pleasant Street School – c1935

Pleasant Street School – c1937