In 1958, Crosby Street was recognized as an official street in Hartland


Crosby Street began as a right of way entrance into the Martin Gravel Pit before it was voted to be a street at the 1958 Town Meeting.

Article 53: To see if the town will vote to accept as a village street the town way as laid out by the Selectmen and described as follows: Beginning on the South side of Academy Street between the property owned by Lloyd Leathers and Hartland Academy and extending Southerly 1060 feet, being the same right of way conveyed by Carl Randlett Heirs to Gerald Martin and conveyed by Gerald Martin to Elwin Crosby. Such laying out with the bounds and admeasurements, has been filed with the Town Clerk on the 25th Day of February 1957, and we now hereby report such laying out with the bounds and admeasurements to the town at a town meeting legally called for acceptance of such way. The name of this street to be Crosby Street. Elwin L. Crosby is the Grandfather of Micheal Crosby of Crosby Funeral Homes.


We currently have no photos of individual houses on Crosby Street however since its inception as a recognized street, numerous homes were built including those owned in 1970. (Note: A final updated version of this map will be uploaded soon)

Crosby Street – 1970


Many new homes have since been built and several branches of the street have extended from its original layout.

Crosby Street & Extensions – Google Maps – 2020