In 1970, Hartland celebrated the 150th Anniversary of its February 7, 1820 Incorporation as a Town.

Commemorative Hartland Sesquicentennial & Shaver Permit Pins

Hartland’s Sesquicentennial Committee spent many, many hours planning the upcoming event led by Chairman Merrill A. Moore.

(L-R) Front Row: Merrill Moore, Marilyn Carr, Arland Stedman, John Plummer & Edgar Woodman

Back Row: Steve McNichol, Wayne Libby, Burton Jones, Keith Tapley & Vaughn Stedman

Numerous events were scheduled throughout town over the weekend of June 26th-28th to mark the landmark anniversary however nature was less than cooperative with an abundance of rainfall over most of the weekend. Many events had to be postponed or canceled, but the citizens of Hartland still managed to hold the Sesquicentennial Parade during a break in the rainfall as well as many of the rescheduled celebration events.

Originally Scheduled Sesquicentennial Program of Events

The Sesquicentennial History of Hartland by Wayne Libby is a masterpiece of research materials compiled together into words and photos. His research is the founding base from which all further research of Hartland’s history has been developed and recorded to this website. We are forever indebted for Wayne’s incredible work and dedication on this project.

Front Cover – Sesquicentennial History of Hartland – 1970

Merrill A. Moore – Sesquicentennial Chairman & Master of Ceremonies

John Plummer ready to lead the Parade

Preparing for the Parade

Sesquicentennial Royalty

Jim’s General Store – St. Albans

Unity Raceway – Unity

W. H. Moore & Son Woodworking – Hartland

John Plummer leads the Parade past Steve’s Gulf & The No Beard Jail

Vi’s Variety Store – Hartland

Hartland Tanning Company – Hartland

Silver Bells (Unknown)

Steeves-McCormack American Legion Post No. 141 – Hartland


Sesquicentennial Royalty

Sesquicentennial Royalty

Sesquicentennial Royalty

Thut’s Express – Bangor


Hartland Baptist Church – Hartland

Piscataquis American Legion – Guilford

Hartland Academy Alumni Association – Hartland

Hartland Grain & Grocery – Hartland

Scott-Webb Memorial Hospital – Hartland


W. H. Moore & Son Woodworking – Hartland

W. H. Moore & Son Woodworking – Hartland

Hartland Public Library – Hartland

Andy Lawence Rupp Sales – St. Albans

Hartland Tanning Company – Hartland

Big Indian Lake Association – St. Albans

Pine Tree Christmas Club

Period Costumes for the Parade

Elmer & Bea Littlefield in Period Costumes with their son Chris Littlefield in Carriage