PLEASE note these documents have been compiled merely as part of Hartland’s history and the many connections between the various local families. They are intended as informational references only and should NOT be considered for any other purposes.

In 2012, the Hartland Historical Society began the monumental task of raising sufficient funds to professionally contract the cleaning and/or repairing of every stone at all 6 public cemeteries in Hartland. Originally spearheaded by Hartland Historical Society Co-Founder Hilda (Emery) Nutter, the project’s first successful restoration was completed at Ireland Cemetery in 2013. Since then, Nevens Cemetery, Fullers Corner Cemetery, Black Stream Cemetery & Starbird-Jordan Cemetery have also been completed which includes some 1,400 headstones in these 5 cemeteries. Cleaning at the original portion of Pine Grove Cemetery was completed in 2017 and with additional funds raised by the Hartland Historical Society, the remainder of the cemetery was finished in 2019.

The Cemetery Fund was renamed The Hilda Nutter Memorial Hartland Cemetery Fund in honor of her efforts to see this task brought to fruition. We are extremely grateful to the many, many personal, business and civic donations made to make this important project possible. Thank you!


A Re-dedication Ceremony was held at Ireland Cemetery following its restoration in 2013.





Ireland Cemetery Re-Dedication Ceremony – 2013


A Re-dedication Ceremony was held at Fullers Corner Cemetery following its restoration in 2015

Fullers Corner Cemetery Re-Dedication Ceremony – 2015


Much of Nevens Cemetery’s initial cleaning was performed by Rusty Wilson, Jr of Hartland as part of his Eagle Scout Project for BSA Troop 404.

Nevens Cemetery following Cleaning & Restoration

Click on the cemetery name below to open the document. Each of the individual interments at the 6 public cemeteries are listed with expanded details, when known. As always, we ask you CONTACT US with any errors and/or omissions so we may make corrections.


Black Stream Cemetery – North Hartland   

 (Updated 4/30/2021)


Fullers Corner Cemetery – West Hartland

 (Updated 4/15/2022)


Ireland Cemetery – Pleasant Street 

(Updated 3/31/2022)


Nevens Cemetery– West Hartland

 (Updated 4/30/2021)


Starbird-Jordan Cemetery – North Hartland  

 (Updated 10/29/2021)


Pine Grove Cemetery has been split up into 5 documents in alphabetical surname segments. This is a REVISION of the original 2003 interment listings. The interments have been re-arranged alphabetically by surname from the original 2003 document. Lot numbers, when known, are included however we currently do not have a Lot Map in our collection. The original document also separated the various extensions from the original cemetery. Those listings have been alphabetically integrated by surname into these documents with the corresponding extension noted when known. See LEGEND within the documents for details. While numerous interments have been added to the 2003 listing, further interments, along with corrections and additional details, will be forthcoming as we continue to update these documents.

Pine Grove Cemetery Part 1 (A-E)

 (Updated 3/17/2022)

Pine Grove Cemetery Part 2 (F-J)

 (Updated 3/17/2022)

Pine Grove Cemetery Part 3 (K-O)

 (Updated 3/17/2022) 

Pine Grove Cemetery Part 4 (P-S)

 (Updated 3/17/2022)

Pine Grove Cemetery Part 5 (T-Z)

 (Updated 3/17/2022)