Horace M. Stewart built the Hartland House in 1827 which served as a hotel and stage coach stop for passengers traveling along the route for many years. A large livery stable to service the horse teams was built on the Elm Street side of the building.

Hartland House – c1870


Located on Elm Street at the corner of Warren Square, the Hartland House was one of two popular hotels located in Hartland along with the Park House on Main Street. An edited stereoscopic photo from the Baptist Church Steeple shows its impressive facade and livery stable.

Hartland House – c1877


Over the course of its history, numerous people owned and operated the Hartland House as noted in the Maine State Yearbook Listings. Among some of the early proprietors were Littlefield & Goff, Greenleaf Church, Ira W. Page, I. B. Littlefield, H. Q. Worthen and John Hunt.

Hartland House – c1880


Hartland House – c1895


Hartland House – c1900


Hartland House – c1910


By 1911, the Bandstand was built on Warren Square’s island which had been a central gathering spot for townspeople for decades.

Hartland House with the new Bandstand


Hartland House – c1920


In the mid-1920s, Fred Davis and his wife Lena Webber built the large Davis Block and purchased the 2 houses in Warren Square, the larger being their residence, and the Hartland House which was eventually converted into an apartment building and the Livery Stable torn down.

In 1950, Lewis H. Barden purchased all of Lena’s properties which included the 2 houses, the former Hartland House and the Davis Block where he moved his grocery store. A funeral home was located later in the lower front apartment for a time and the side porch was eventually dismantled.

Hartland House with the new Davis Block – c1930


In its later years, the former Hartland House continued as a 4 unit apartment building but its age was beginning to show.

Hartland House – 1987


After standing proudly for 170+ years as a well known landmark in Hartland’s history, the old building was in very rough shape. In 1999 it was sold to Bangor Savings Bank as part of their expansion project into Hartland. A recent fire in Warren Square had destroyed the former Davis Block which was also purchased by the bank along with the entire Warren Square lot. The first step in the new expansion was to raze the former Hartland House in December of 1999.

Hartland House Demolition – 1999


Hartland House Demolition – 1999


Hartland House Demolition – 1999


Hartland House Demolition – 1999


Hartland House Demolition – 1999


Following its demolition, the former Hartland House lot and the remaining area of Warren Square were replaced with a new branch of the Bangor Savings Bank in 1999. The Bandstand was saved and landscaping improvements were completed around it during the project.

Former Warren Square replaced by Bangor Savings Bank – 1999


In 2016, Bangor Savings Bank closed its Hartland location. In 2017, lifelong Hartland resident & Hartland Historical Society Co-Founder Myrtle (Lovely) Marble purchased the building and lot donating it to the town for the specific purpose of relocating the Hartland Town Office.

Former Bangor Saving Bank now occupied by Hartland Town Office – 2017


Hartland Town Office – 2019  (Photo courtesy of Will Bunker Photography)