There are an endless number of people with connections to Hartland over the past 200+ years of its history. We present this ongoing project with some of these people in random order along with a brief account of their story. For some of those listed so far, a link is provided to reach their individual Family Tree or Hartland Cemetery interment with further details. If no Family Tree currently exists or they are interred outside of Hartland, there’s usually a link to a location on our website associated with their connection to Hartland.

Dr. John Warren (1753-1815)

Dr. John Warren was born and raised in Roxbury, Massachusetts, the son of Joseph Warren & Mary Stevens. He attended Roxbury Latin School before graduating from Harvard University in 1771. He later married Abigail Collins in 1777 with whom he had 17 children.

He studied medicine under his older brother Dr. Joseph Warren who played a principle role early in the American Revolution and was also a noted physician in Boston.

John went on to serve as a Surgeon in the Revolutionary War along with his brother Joseph who was Killed In Action at The Battle of Bunker Hill on June 17, 1775.

Dr. John Warren was well known for his accomplishments in the Boston area as a physician, anatomist, surgeon, and medical educator as well as founding the Harvard Medical School in 1782.

On June 15, 1799, he purchased the 30,000 acre Township No. 3 in the First Range North of the Plymouth Claim which became known as Warrens Town No. 3 and eventually incorporated as Hartland in 1820 where Warren Square would later bear his family surname.

Dr. Warren also purchased nearby townships around the same time which became Corinna, St. Albans and Palmyra hence the references of “Warren’s 4 Towns”.

Dr. John Warren died on April 4, 1815 in Boston and is now interred at Forest Hills Cemetery in Jamaica Plain, Massachusetts.

 See Historical Documents

William Moor (1776-1848)

William is recognized as one of Hartland’s earliest settlers although the lot he settled on had been originally surveyed as part of Township No. 5 in the 4th Range North of the Waldo Patent later referred to as Berlin Township then Fairhaven and later incorporated as St Albans in 1813.

He first came to explore the future Hartland Village area around 1796 where he soon purchased Lot Number 17 almost a mile long and up to a half mile wide on both sides of the Sebasticook River in what was then still part of St Albans. He returned to his native Goffstown, New Hampshire where he married Sally Moor, a distant cousin, in 1797.

In 1802, they returned to the property to settle for good where he had built the first dam and sawmill next to their home along the river on what became Commercial Street.

Soon after 1820, William & Sally moved to Corinna with their younger children where they were living at the time of the 1830 Census and remained until their deaths. Their 2 oldest children, Maria (Moor) Stinchfield & James Moor, remained in Hartland.

In 1846, a part of St Albans near the Sebasticook River, including his entire original lot, were annexed by Legislative Act and officially became part of Hartland.

William & Sally are interred together in Corinna Village Cemetery with several of their children and grandchildren.

See Moor_Moore Family 

James Fuller, Sr (1785-1845)

James was born in Exeter, New Hampshire, a son of George & Mary Fuller.

He was the original settler of West Hartland arriving from New Hampshire in 1802 around the age of 16 where he established a homestead at what became known as Fullers Corner.

The ‘County Road’ crossed his property at Fullers Corner where he later opened Fuller’s Tavern as a regular passenger stop on the heavily traveled stage coach route which connected Norridgewock to Bangor.

Fuller was very involved in the town’s first affairs serving as Town Selectman and Post Master. Early Town Meetings were often held at his tavern location when West Hartland was the early political center of Hartland.

He married twice into the Samuel Lancey Family of Palmyra. His 1st wife was Rebecca Lancey with whom he had 5 children.

Following Rebecca’s death in 1829, he remarried her younger sister Elizabeth Lancey and had 5 more children.

Many of his children and their descendants married into other local families with some still living in Hartland today.

James is interred at Fullers Corner Cemetery with many members of his family including both his wives and his parents.

See Fuller Family  &  Lancey Family  

Philomelia (Starbird) Elliott (1833-1910)

Philomelia was born in North Hartland, the daughter of David Starbird & Aphia Fogg.

She married John Hancock Elliott in 1854 and had 7 children.

The Starbird Family are some of the oldest settlers of North Hartland and Starbird Pond still bears their name.

The Elliott Family moved to Hartland in the early 1830s and several of their descendants still live here.

Philomelia and John are interred at Starbird-Jordan Cemetery with many of their family members.

See  Starbird FamilyElliott Family  

Fred Wayne Libby (1932-2024)

Known as Wayne, he was born in Hartland, the only child of Fred Wing Libby & Edythe M. Philbrick. Wayne was a 1951 graduate of Hartland Academy then UMO in 1955 before joining the U. S. Army and serving for 2 years until 1957. He began teaching history in 1958 including tenors at Hartland Academy and Nokomis Regional High School until his retirement in 1996. In 1959, he married Helene Loomis and the couple had 2 sons born to them.

He later served with the U.S. Army Reserves for over 25 years retiring with the rank of Colonel. Among his many personal, public and civic endeavors, Wayne was also a long time member of the Hartland Historical Society serving as its president for several years.

Wayne’s History of Hartland published for the town’s 1970 Sesquicentennial Anniversary is a masterpiece of research materials compiled into words and photos. The book and his updated 1995 version remain an invaluable cornerstone source from which all further research of Hartland’s history has been developed and recorded to this website.

We are forever indebted for Wayne’s incredible work and dedication on this historical project.

See Libby Family

Kingman Littlefield (1823-1902)

Kingman was born in North Hartland, the oldest of the children of Charles Littlefield & Nancy Ham.

The Littlefield and Ham Families were both early settlers in the  North Hartland region.

Kingman lived his entire life in North Hartland where he was a farmer and operated a brickyard. His property still remains in the Littlefield Family where many of the family’s descendants live today.

Kingman and many other Littlefield Family members are interred at   Black Stream Cemetery   in North Hartland.

See  Littlefield Family & Daniel Ham Family 


James Moor (1800-1873)

James is the 2nd child of William Moor & Sally Moor and was born in Goffstown, New Hampshire.

He arrived in Hartland while he was still an infant with his parents in 1802 to settle their new lot on what became Commercial Street.

James remained in Hartland after his parents moved to Corinna and married Dorcas Wiggin whose family were early settlers at Wiggins Hill in Palmyra.

James’ rebuilt house on Main Street eventually become Scott-Webb Memorial Hospital.

He built the first dam on the upper part of the Sebasticook River tributary of Great Moose Lake in 1825 and located a sawmill there near the corner of Mill Street and Moore Street. He was later joined in woodworking businesses at the location by 2 of his sons, Amasa James Moor & James Wiggin Moor.

James & Dorcas, along with several family members, are interred at the cemetery first known as the Village Cemetery then eventually renamed as it is known today as Ireland Cemetery .

James’ maternal grandfather, Abraham Moor, another early Hartland settler, was the first to be interred at the Village Cemetery in 1823.

See  Moor_Moore Family


Addie Mary (Coston) Smith (1884-1971)

Known as Mary, she is the daughter of Abraham Lincoln Coston & Emma McFarland and a granddaughter of Joshua Coston & Aurilla Starbird. She graduated from Hartland Academy in 1902 and married Harry Newton Smith in 1905.

Mary worked as a millinery until she and Harry divorced when she began working at the Hartland Public Library in 1916. She would remain a Librarian for some 50 years until her retirement in 1966.

During her younger years, she also played piano at the Hartland Opera House during the first years of silent movies. Mary’s personal journal has given us many invaluable insights into Hartland’s history.

Mary is interred with her parents at Pine Grove Cemetery.

See  Coston Family  

Harriet Eudora (Stinchfield) Baird (1862-1934)

Harriet was born in St. Albans, a daughter of Alfonso Stinchfield & Harriet Jane Briggs.

Her paternal grandmother is Maria (Moor) Stinchfield, a daughter of William Moor.

She married Alfred Durkee Baird (1859-1927) in 1885 in Boston where Alfred was working for the railroad as an Expressman.

They returned to St. Albans by 1900 where they raised their 8 of 10 surviving children; Carl, Arthur, Frederick, Stuart, Harold, Elmer, Marion and Ethel Baird.

Harold Baird later operated a wood delivery service in Hartland while Stuart Baird operated a gas station at the corner of Main Street & Pittsfield Avenue.

Harriet and Alfred are interred at Pine Grove Cemetery with several of their children and grandchildren.

See  Baird Family & Moor_Moore Family  


Archibald Linn (1818-1889)

Archibald was born and raised in Biggar, Scotland, a son of Robert Linn & Anne Nicholas Golden. In 1842, he married Grace Wilson (1819-1884) and they moved to her native town of Galashiels, Scotland where he engaged in the woolen mill industry and they began their family.

In 1848, he and Grace came to Massachusetts with their 2 surviving children where he worked for several woolen mills in the area and 3 more children were born to them.

After coming to Dexter in the late 1850s to become a partner in a local woolen mill, they moved to Hartland in 1862 where he built the Linn Woolen Mill. They lived on Commercial Street and were known for entertaining both family and employees.

Mr. Linn played a major role in many town affairs and was one of the driving forces behind the Sebasticook & Moosehead Railroad coming to town in 1886. He was also one of the original Founders of The Wild Goose Club at Castle Harmony on Great Moose Lake which was built on property he owned.

Archibald, seated in the center of this photo, and Grace are interred at Ireland Cemetery  with 2 of their deceased young children and his mother.

See Linn Family  


Dr. Edwin Augustus Bean (1848-1898)

Dr. Bean was born on February 23, 1848 in Brighton, the son of Mark Bean & Ann Knowlton. He married Julia A. Morse on March 22, 1872 in Brighton but the union was sadly short lived as she passed away just a few months later on October 25, 1872 at just 19 years old. On March 10, 1874, he married his 2nd wife Miss Loantha D. Libby who was born in 1851 in Wellington.

He attended Bowdoin College Maine Medical School and lived in Pittsfield for a time studying medicine there in 1878 under Dr. John C. Manson.

Edwin, with Loantha and their infant son Ernest, were living in Newport in 1880 where he was practicing medicine before moving to St Albans. They moved to Hartland in 1886 where he replaced Dr. Harris H. Pushor as a physician following Dr. Pushor’s departure to Pittsfield in 1885. They resided at Dr. Pushor’s former home with his office located next door in Warren Square.

He was pre-deceased by their 6 week old daughter Violet in 1876 and their 2 year old son Charles in 1887 followed by Loantha’s death in July of 1888 at 37 years old. He remarried on October 4, 1890 to Lynn B. Norton of Levant (1867-1900).

Dr. Bean was also very active in local town affairs serving for several years on the Hartland Board of Health, Hartland School Committee and as a Hartland Town Selectman before his untimely death on April 18, 1898 from Consumption (TB) at just over 50 years old.

Dr. Edwin Augustus Bean was interred with Loantha at Ireland Cemetery eternally joining her and their children Charles and Violet. They were survived by their sons Ernest Manson Bean (1879-1970) and Orel Merton Bean (1881-1964).

George Merrill Lancey (1861-1942)

Known as G. M. Lancey, he was born in Hartland, the son of George Lancey, Jr & Frances Blake. In 1885, he married Annie Clapperton Linn, the daughter of William Linn, Sr & Elizabeth Patterson.

Following his father’s death in 1886, G. M. took over his business at the corner of Commercial Street & Academy Street where he operated as “G. M. Lancey Dry Goods & Groceries” and became a very successful local merchant.

The store held a location of Hartland’s first bank (a Branch of Waterville Trust Company) as well as the first location of the newly incorporated Hartland Public Library in 1903.

George & Annie later moved into his Uncle Calvin Blake’s house on Academy Street following his death.

G. M. was very active in town affairs serving on numerous committees including a group trying to sell the former Linn Woolen Mill eventually purchased by the American Woolen Company.

He and Thomas Archibald Linn built a family camp on Great Moose Lake in the 1890s naming it “Camp DeLancey” in honor of his Great Grandfather, Samuel DeLancey, where G. M. passed away in 1942.

See Lancey Family, Blake Family & Linn Family  

Annie Clapperton (Linn) Lancey (1861-1948)

Annie is a daughter of William Linn, Sr & Elizabeth Patterson of Scotland.

Soon after the death of her mother, Annie left Scotland when she was about 3 years old with her father, siblings and paternal grandmother on the ship ‘Caledonia’ first arriving in New York City on December 9, 1864. They traveled from there to Hartland arriving on December 14th that same year.

Noted on the Caledonia’s Passenger List with Annie was her father, William Linn Sr, her siblings Robert, Walter, William Jr, Elizabeth and Charlotte along with her 80 year old widowed grandmother Anne Nicholas Linn.

Annie was raised in Hartland in the home of her Uncle Archibald & Aunt Grace Linn until 1885 when she married George Merrill Lancey, son of George Lancey, Jr & Frances Blake.

George and Annie later moved into his Uncle Calvin Blake’s house on Academy Street following his death which had been built by Calvin’s father, Dr. Calvin Blake.

George and Annie are interred together at Pine Grove Cemetery.

See Linn Family & Lancey Family

Ralph Carlton Hamilton (1882-1955)

Ralph was born in Springvale and moved to Hartland shortly after 1900. He owned and operated the Hartland Drug Store from about 1906 until 1955.

All the men who resided in Hartland registered at his store for the World War I Draft; their applications all signed by Hamilton. Ralph also registered Hartland men and women for the World War II Draft.

He was very active in town, county & state politics and civic affairs throughout his life including serving as President of Hartland Academy Board of Trustees, Maine House of Representatives and Hartland Town Treasurer.

In addition to his many business and town political ventures, Ralph also built and operated the Hamilton & Young Shirt Factory on Mill Street in 1914 which later became Skate Land and the Blue Moon Roller Skating Rink.

Ralph and his wife Gertrude Patterson lived at the corner of Main Street & Mill Street at her parents’ former home.

See Hamilton Family  

Sewell Prescott Moody (1837-1875)

Known as Sew, he was born and raised in West Hartland, a son of Joshua Moody, Jr & Amy Kendall Bowley.

In the late 1850s, he moved to Vancouver, British Columbia with his brother, Thomas Gage Moody, who was also a lumber merchant. They were later joined by his widowed father and 2 surviving sisters.

Sew Moody founded Moodyville in British Columbia (eventually becoming North Vancouver) and was the principle owner of the Moodyville Sawmill Company.

He went down with the ‘S.S. Pacific’ about 12 miles off the coast of Cape Flattery, Washington on November 4, 1875 following a collision which took the lives of some 300 people onboard.

Among the floating wreckage was found this solemn inscription on a broken post; “S. P. MOODY ALL LOST”

This plaque was later dedicated in his honor in Vancouver, B. C.

See Bowley Family & Spearin Family  

Allen Richard Burton (1865-1932)

Allen was born in Hartland, the son of John Burton, Sr & Nancy Wright. He married Hartland native Adeline M. Woodbury in 1886. He first opened a furniture store at the former Carding Mill in 1898 and soon after added undertaking to his business.

His son Elmer Burton joined in the family business and in 1914 they moved to the former George Lancey, Jr Store on Commercial Street operating as A. R. Burton & Son Hardware & Undertakers.

Burton was very active in town affairs serving on the Hartland School Committee and also sponsored the Annual Burton Prize Speaking Speaking Contest at Hartland Academy which continued until the Academy closed in 1968.

Allen and Adeline are interred together at Pine Grove Cemetery.

See  Burton Family  &  Woodbury Family  

John Morrill Annis (1832-1892)

Known as Morrill, he is a son of Dudley Annis, Sr & Abigail Thompson and the first of their children to be born in Hartland soon after they moved there.

Morrill served twice in the Union Army during the Civil War; the first time with the 7th Maine Infantry, Co. C then re-enlisting with the 2nd Maine Cavalry, Co. K joining his brother, Joseph Annis.

He married Hartland native Susan Woodbury (1845-1912) in 1869 and their children married into numerous other Hartland families.

Morrill is interred with Susan at Pine Grove Cemetery and also has a cenotaph at his parents’ lot in Ireland Cemetery.

See  Annis FamilyWoodbury Family, Dyer Family,

Randlett Family  &  Walter Seekins Family


Dr. Charles Avery Moulton (1860-1946)

Dr. Moulton was born in Concord, Maine and attended Bowdoin College Medical School graduating in 1884. He began his practice in North New Portland until he moved to St Albans in July of 1885 where he practiced medicine until 1897 before moving to Hartland.

He founded the Hartland & St Albans Telephone Company in 1893 in St. Albans and was the founder of the Hartland Electric Light & Power Company. He would be the first Administrator and Head Physician at Scott-Webb Memorial Hospital which he helped to establish at the request of Eva (Webb) Scott in 1932.

Dr. Moulton’s contributions to Hartland and the surrounding communities are incredible by any standard. His 50+ year medical practice served Hartland, St. Albans & Palmyra where he performed regular house calls to care for the sick, delivered children and made death pronunciations.

He served as Hartland Town Selectman, Hartland School Physician, Hartland Public Health Officer, Hartland School Committee Member,  50 Year Member & Master of the Hartland Chapter of the Corinthian Lodge, Noble Grand of the Hartland Chapter of the I.O.O.F., Trustee of the Hartland Public Library and President of the Maine Medical Association as well as being a devoted husband and father to 2 children.

Dr. Moulton and his wife, Abigail Lunt, are interred together at Pine Grove Cemetery.

See  Moulton Family  

Uzzial Withee (1765-1862)

Uzzial first settled in Norridgewock with his brother Luke in 1793 before becoming an early settler in North Hartland by 1810 where Withee Pond still bear his name.

He enlisted in the Revolutionary War on April 4, 1781 for a period of three years serving as a Private under Captain Williams in the 2nd Massachusetts Regiment under the command of Colonel Sprout.

Uzzial lived to be the oldest Revolutionary War Veteran in Somerset County and the 2nd oldest in Maine and one of the oldest survivors in the entire country. (The oldest died in 1866) He was 97 years, 4 months and 18 days old when he died on September 5, 1862 according to his grave stone.

Uzzial and his wife, Betsey Stevens, are interred together at Ireland Cemetery with a couple of their children, several grandchildren and great grandchildren.

See  Withee Family  

Emily (Page) Webb (1838-1927)

Emily was born in Hartland, the daughter of John Page & Rachel Coller, where she grew up at the family homestead on the corner of Main Street & Pittsfield Avenue. Her father operated the Page Tannery located on the island at the Lower Dam on Main Street. 

She graduated from Hartland Academy and soon after married her high school sweetheart, Luther Hight Webb, in 1861.

They moved to Skowhegan with their 4 surviving children in 1875 before moving to Pasadena, California in 1893 where she remained the rest of her life and was later interred there.  

Emily was an accomplished writer and many of her numerous poems were published nationally under her pen name, Emily Page Webb.

See Page Family  

Vaughn Adair Stedman (1932-2015)

Vaughn was born in Hartland, the son Vernard Stedman & Jean Emery-Corson. He graduated from Hartland Academy in 1950 and went on to Boston University on an American Legion Baseball Scholarship. He played baseball professionally for the Milwaukee Braves for 4 years and served in the U. S. Army for 2 years.

He received a Master’s Degree in Education from the University of Maine and was a Science Teacher at Hartland Consolidated Schools, Principal at Hartland Academy, and Guidance Counselor at Nokomis High School, retiring in 1992. He was involved in education for 34 years and served as the area State Representative for 10 years.

Vaughn was a member of the Hartland-St. Albans Lions Club for over 50 years, receiving the Melvin Jones Fellowship Award, the highest honor the Lions Club can bestow. He was inducted into the Maine Baseball Hall of Fame in 1992.

See  Stedman Family  


Charles H. Springer (1842-1914)

“Charles was born in Lowell, Massachusetts on December 1, 1842. He moved to Hartland at an early age and was educated in the public schools of that town. He commenced work in the woolen mill for Linn and Harper in Dexter in 1859 where he worked until 1862. He then enlisted with the 11th Maine Infantry Regiment, Company E and served his country until the end of the war. Returning to Hartland he entered the employ of Archibald Linn who had moved from Dexter to Hartland and started a woolen mill in the absence of Mr. Springer. He learned to dress in 1865 and has worked on the same dressing frame, with the exception of a few years, until the present time and both he and the machine bid fair to serve the company for many years to come. His eyesight and hearing are unimpaired and he is as active as a man of forty. He has a wife and one son and they have a beautiful home on the outskirts of town. He is universally loved and respected by all both old and young for his pleasant disposition has endeared him to all with whom he comes in contact.”

Charles and his wife, Christiana Nevens, lived in West Hartland on the Canaan Road near Huff Hill and are both interred at Pine Grove Cemetery with their son, Harry Springer and grandson, Charles A. Springer.


William Linn, Sr (1814-1902)

William was born and raised in Biggar, Scotland, a son of Robert Linn & Anne Nicholas Golden. He married Elizabeth Patterson about 1845 and they began their family of 6 children in nearby Selkirk, Scotland.

Following Elizabeth’s death in 1863, William decided to come to Hartland to join his older brother Archibald Linn.

William and his 6 young children, ranging from 17 yrs old to 3 yrs old, first arrived in New York City from Scotland on December 9, 1864 on the ship ‘Caledonia’ before traveling on to Hartland where they arrived on December 14th of that same year.

Noted on the Caledonia’s Passenger List were: William Sr, Robert, Walter, William Jr, Elizabeth, Charlotte and Annie along with Nicholas Linn, age 80, his widowed mother.

He lived on Main Street and worked at the Linn Woolen Mill for his brother as a Weaver Overseer.

William is interred at Pine Grove Cemetery with several of his children.

See  Linn Family 

William Richard Cross (1839-1907)
William married Hartland native Sarah Jane Church, a daughter of Greenleaf Church & Elizabeth Jane Finson of West Hartland and a sister of Ambrose Finson Church.
“Photographer of the Nebraska & South Dakota frontier, William was born in Bennington County, Vermont. His older brother, Daniel H. Cross, a famous Union Army photographer during the Civil War, taught him photography. In 1867, William married (Sarah Jane) “Jennie” Church and they moved to Omaha, Nebraska that same year.
He was one of the first professional photographers to live on the Great Plains and is known as one of the most prolific and unappreciated western photographers.”

Albert Brooks Deering, Sr (1866-1951)

Known as Bert, he was the first of the Deering Family to move to Hartland from East Corinth soon after 1880 where he later married Hartland native Elsie May Brooks in 1889.

In 1920, Bert began working as a Custodian at Hartland Academy where he continued for another 22 years.

The Academy’s 1942 Yearbook, “The Ripple” was dedicated to him upon his retirement that year.

Bert & Elsie are interred at Pine Grove Cemetery along with their 6 children.

See  Deering Family  


Ambrose Finson, Sr (1789-1857)

Ambrose was an early settler in West Hartland moving from Pejepscot (Danville) to Hartland in 1809.

He signed the petition for Hartland to incorporate as a town in 1820 and was elected as the first Town Clerk as well as a Town Selectman and served as the first State Representative from Hartland in 1820.

Ambrose was a delegate to the Maine Constitutional Convention in 1819 and also served as County Commissioner in 1842.

Many of the early Town Meetings were held at his home in West Hartland where he is interred with his wife, Elizabeth Jordan, at  Nevens Cemetery, formerly known as the Finson Burying Grounds.

“Squire Finson, as he was called, was held in the highest esteem by his fellow townsmen, often being called upon to settle disputes between his townsmen. It is said that his decisions were never questioned.”

See  Finson Family  

Mary (Anderson) Butterfield (1888-1985)

Mary was born in Hartland, the daughter of William Anderson & Alice Nicol and was a local school teacher in the Hartland Schools.

She married Percy Butterfield and they eventually moved into her parent’s house on Commercial Street. They are interred together at Pine Grove Cemetery.

Mary is seen here in 1905 near her family home.

See Anderson Family

Everett Wesley Ham (1921-1999)

Known as Hammie, he was born in Cambridge, the son of Ivan Warren Ham & Nora Edith Adams who moved to Hartland. He is a Great-Great Grandson of Samuel Ham, Sr.

Hammie was a well known and very active citizen in Hartland town affairs and served on the Hartland Volunteer Fire Department for many years.

He was also a very popular musician who played with several local bands as seen here playing his sax with The Nite Hawks and was equally famous for playing his saxophone anytime and anywhere.

Hammie is interred with his wife, Arline Willey, at Pine Grove Cemetery.

See  Samuel Ham Family 

Lewis Henry Barden, Sr (1876-1960)

Lewis was born in Newport, the son of Charles Barden & Ida Downs.

He opened his first grocery store in Hartland about 1920 at the former A. W. Miller Drug Store building on Main Street.

He moved his business to Commercial Street in the late 1920s to the former Walter E. M. Seekins Block operating there as “L. H. Barden Economy IGA Store”

In 1942, he purchased and moved into the former Blake-Lancey house on Academy Street following the death of G. M. Lancey.

In 1949, he purchased the Davis-Webber Block at Warren Square and relocated his store there until his retirement.

Lewis and his 2nd wife, Eda Stafford, are interred at Pittsfield Village Cemetery.

See  Barden Family 


Isreal M. Elliott (1813-1895)

Isreal is the oldest son of Isaiah Elliott & Betsy Maloon. He was living in Hartland when he enlisted in the Union Army as a Musician on August 29, 1862 at the age of 49 as one of the oldest men in Hartland to enlist.

He was mustered into the 20th Maine Infantry, Company F at Portland which was assigned to the V Corps of the Army of the Potomac.

Elliott was listed as sick at Antietam, Maryland on October 1, 1862 and fell ill again in June of 1863. He was later transferred to the Veteran Reserve Corps (aka VRC) on January 5, 1864.

The VRC, previously known as the Invalid Corps, was established for soldiers who were unfit for active service due to injuries or diseases contracted in the line of duty. These men were assigned to participate in appropriate military or semi-military activities, such as garrison and light duty work.

Isreal is interred at Ute Cemetery in Aspen, Colorado.

See  Elliott Family  

Ardis Elizabeth Lancey (1900-1983)

Ardis was born in Hartland, the daughter of George Merrill Lancey & Annie Clapperton Linn.

In 1936, she married George A. Moore of Pittsfield but the couple eventually divorced and had no children.

She returned to Hartland to live with her parents at their home on Academy Street.

Ardis is interred with her parents at Pine Grove Cemetery.

See  Lancey Family  &  Linn Family   

Hartley Cone Baxter (1857-1939)

Hartley was born in Gorham, the oldest son of James P. Baxter & Sara Cone. After graduating from Bowdoin College in 1878, he went to work for his father, who also served several terms as Mayor of Portland, at the Portland Packing Company which was one of the earliest canning factories in Maine. 

He established H. C. Baxter & Brothers Canning Company In 1887 and began with processing canned corn and succotash. The company grew rapidly and eventually expanded to several towns across Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont and a plant in Iowa. 

In 1913, he built a canning facility in Hartland which would eventually employ dozens of people at the plant and hundreds more across the area working on the farms which supplied his raw product.

Hartland’s claim to being “Home of the Frozen French Fries” stems from the successful process being first developed in the laboratory of Baxter’s Pleasant Street Plant in 1945 by Olof P. Pierson. 

See H. C. Baxter & Brothers Canning Company

Ella Mildred (Corson) Whittemore (1859-1942)

Ella was born in Athens, the daughter of Hiram Corson & Emeline Esther Robinson.

In 1883, she married as her 2nd husband, Samuel Whittemore of Skowhegan. They had 3 children all born in Skowhegan including Cleba Samuel Whittemore who moved to Hartland and married Annette Ford, daughter of Joseph Ford & Agnes Jackson.

Following Samuel’s death in 1918, Ella moved to Hartland and lived with Cleba and his family at Annette’s parents homestead in West Hartland. She reported herself in all Census reports as a housewife.

She is interred with other Corson family members at Mount Rest Cemetery in Athens.


See Whittemore Family

Joshua Moody, Jr (1808-1894)

Joshua was born in Massachusetts and moved to West Hartland where he married Amy Bowley in 1829 and raised 5 children.

He left for Victoria, British Columbia, Canada in December of 1865 following Amy’s death earlier that year with his surviving daughters, Sarah Jane Robinson Moody and Mary Helen Moody to join his sons, Sewell Prescott Moody and Thomas Gage Moody.

As noted in the The Daily Colonist on January 4, 1894, “Still another familiar face will be missed from the little band of hardy pioneers whose ranks daily grow smaller and more scattered. Joshua Moody died at his home on Pandora Avenue at a late hour last night, after an illness of several weeks duration.”

“The deceased was a native of Massachusetts, coming from Newburyport, and was in his 86th year, the greater portion of his busy life being spent in Victoria, where he accumulated considerable property interests, and where he leaves a numerous family, the majority of whom have grown up and taken their places as the heads of families in the city of their birth.”

See  Bowley FamilySpearin Family  &  Church Family

Guy Bertram Knowles (1888-1958)

Guy and his 2nd wife Relief Helen Giles are the parents of Geraldine Euleta (Knowles) Bishop & Meredith Ellen (Knowles) Randlett who both lived their adult lives in Hartland.

Guy’s son Ed Knowles leased the former Hamilton & Young Shirt Factory on Mill Street from Rae Randlett where he operated The Blue Moon Dance & Roller Skating Hall in the late 1930s. Rae then leased the building to Frank Allen in 1947 who operated it as Skateland into the late 1950s. Ed’s son Bob Knowles leased the building in 1959 and re-opened as The Blue Moon Dance Hall & Skating Rink until the mid-1960s.

Seen in the photo is Guy sitting in the front passenger seat with his wife Relief Helen Giles (1899-1996) in the back passenger side seat about 1916.

See  Knowles Family  &  Randlett Family


The McCormack Brothers

Donlin Francis McCormack (1919-1943), Norman Bennett McCormack (1921-1994) & Murray Lawrence McCormack (1923-2007) were born and raised in Hartland, the sons of Frank Michael McCormack & Elsie Geneva Bennett. All 3 boys attended Hartland Academy.

Donlin was Killed In Action in World War II in 1943. Following a Gold Star Ceremony at Warren Square for the 5 Hartland Serviceman Killed or Missing in Action in WWII, the Christopher G. Linn American Legion Post #141 of Hartland changed its name to Steeves-McCormack Post #141 in 1951 in honor of Donlin & Norman Steeves.

They are pictured here (left to right) in the late 1920s at their Pleasant Street home in Hartland.

Norman and Murray are interred with their parents and wives at Pine Grove Cemetery with a cenotaph placed there for Donlin.

See  McCormack Family


Eva (Webb) Scott (1862-1932)

Eva was born in Hartland, the oldest of the 3 daughters of Nathan M. Webb & Elmeda Moor. 

She married Andrew Scott in 1879 and moved to Camden before returning to Hartland to live in her parents’ house following her father’s death in 1917. With the subsequent deaths of her husband, both her younger sisters, Cora & Nina, and her mother in 1919, Eva was left as the sole surviving member of the Webb Family.

Upon her death on January 6, 1932, Eva bequeathed her parents’ house to be used as non-profit public hospital. The house had been built, and later rebuilt, by her maternal Grandfather, James Moor.

Her Will Executor, Dr. Charles A. Moulton, opened Scott-Webb Memorial Hospital  on October 12, 1932 dedicating it in her family’s honor.

Eva is interred at Pine Grove Cemetery with Andrew and their only child, Annie Scott, who predeceased them in 1909.

See  Moor_Moore Family

Margaret (MacRae) Randlett (1880-1975)

Margaret was born in Canada before her parents moved to Norwood, Massachusetts in 1889. There she met Thomas Fuller Randlett who was working as a caretaker for a local Norwood family.

They married in 1901 and returned to Hartland where they raised their 2 surviving sons, Rae Fuller Randlett & John Donald Randlett.

Margaret  was very active in town affairs her entire life and served on the Hartland School Committee . She was presented with the Boston Gold Cane in 1970 as the oldest living woman in Hartland.

She is seen here with 1968 Presidential Candidate Senator Edmond Muskie of Maine while campaigning in St Albans.

Margaret is interred with Thomas at Pine Grove Cemetery.

See  Randlett Family


Charles Alwood Cook (1844-1912)

Charles was born in Hartland to Noah Cook & Lovina Huff and spent  most of his youth in St Albans with an older sister, Roxanna Cook, in their step-father Simeon Farnham’s household.

In 1862, he enlisted in Hartland with the 22nd Maine Infantry, Company K serving for 11 months before re-enlisting in 1864 with the 9th Maine Infantry, Company K serving until the end of the war.

Charles moved to Iowa in 1866 where he married his 1st wife, Sarah Manning, in 1868. They moved to Clifton Township in Minnesota in 1872 where he held several offices in town including Town Clerk and Chairman of the Town Board. He was also a co-owner of a local newspaper, “Cannon Falls Beacon” until 1878.

He eventually moved to Alabama where he remarried to Belle Scott and was an active member of GAR Posts there and in Florida holding a dozen different offices.

Charles is interred at Mt. Peace Cemetery in Saint Cloud, Florida where his hometown and Civil War service are memorialized on the front of his zinc gravestone. The back of his headstone lists the 12 offices he held with GAR Posts. 

See Huff Family & Woodbury Family


Clyde Harold Smith (1876-1940)

Clyde moved to Hartland from Harmony with his parents in 1891 where he graduated from Hartland Academy. Smith went on to teach school and also served in the Maine House of Representatives in 1899-1903 and again from 1919-1923. He engaged in the retail clothing and hardware business in Hartland in 1901. He was also Superintendent of Schools of Hartland from 1899-1903 and was a member of the Board of Selectmen of Hartland 1904-1907.

He moved to Skowhegan having been elected Sheriff of Somerset County serving from 1905-1909. There Smith engaged in the retail automobile sales, the hardware and plumbing business, and the newspaper publishing business. He later engaged in banking and the real estate business and was a member of the Board of Selectmen of Skowhegan from 1914-1932.

Smith served in the Maine State Senate 1923-1929, was chairman of the State Highway Commission 1928-1932 and was a member of the Governor’s Council 1933-1937. He was elected to the U. S. House of Representatives as a Republican for the Seventy-fifth and Seventy-sixth Congresses serving from January 3, 1937 until his death on April 8, 1940. He was succeeded in Congress by his second wife and future U. S. Senator, Margaret Chase Smith.

Clyde is interred with family members at Pine Grove Cemetery.

See  Smith Family

Henry Clay Fuller (1854-1903)

Henry was born in Hartland, the son of James Fuller, Jr & Sarah Ann Underwood where he was raised and later graduated from Hartland Academy.

After a few years working for his father at his store at Warren Square, he married Mary Isabelle Linn (1856-1933) in 1874, daughter of Archibald & Grace Linn, and 6 children were born to them.

Mr. Linn took his new son-in-law into his confidence and trained him in all aspects of his Linn Woolen Mill production and business affairs and upon his death recommended Henry become the President of the company in his Will.

After reorganizing as the Linn Manufacturing Company, Henry led the way for construction of a new woolen mill building on Main Street in 1890.

In 1901, with his son-in-law George Osborne, he founded the Fuller-Osborne Company with interests in real estate, printing and clothing production which was manufactured at the new mill building. The company also had a greenhouse operation on Elm Street known as “Scotch Thistle Greenhouses”.

Both companies were very successful, however in 1902 Henry was diagnosed with Tuberculosis and in spite of vigorous treatment, succumbed to it on March 11, 1903. His funeral was one of the largest ever held in Hartland with every business in town ceasing operations during the 4 hours service.

Following Henry’s death, Mary had a new home built in 1904 on Elm Street which became commonly known locally as “Fuller Mansion”.

Henry is interred with Mary and family members at Pine Grove Cemetery.

See  Fuller Family & Linn Family

Ervin Wilbur Martin (1900-1977)

Ervin was born in St. Albans, the 2nd of 4 sons born to Selden James Martin I & Nellie Parkman.

He married Vivian Mildred Cookson in 1920 and they first settled in North Hartland where their 3 sons were born; Selden, Gerald & Raymond. They moved their family to Commercial Street about 1934.

He began the E. W. Martin Logging Company in 1924 which grew into one of the largest private logging operations in the state producing over 1 million cord of wood annually by the 1940s. He was later joined in business for several years by his 3 sons.

Ervin was very active in local town affairs serving on numerous committees including the Hartland School Committee and was a Board Member and Secretary of Hartland Mills, Incorporated.

Ervin is interred with Vivian and his 3 sons at Pine Grove Cemetery.

See  Martin Family & Lewis Family


Anna (Thompson) Stafford (1793-1865)

Anna was born in Wales, Maine a daughter of Richard Thompson & Elizabeth Ricker. She married Solomon Stafford (1785-1851) in neighboring Greene in 1806. They moved from Greene to North Hill (Brighton) soon after 1810 before settling in North Hartland in the mid-1820s on the Athens Road near the body of water which still bears the family surname, Stafford Pond.

Anna and Solomon would have 13 children, 11 sons & 2 daughters, some of whom married into other Hartland families including Starbird, Williams and Elliott.

Her son Elias Stafford served in The Civil War as well as several of her grandsons including Albert, Frederick, Charles, Nelson & Leonard Stafford.

Several of their children moved west to Illinois, Wisconsin and Nebraska with their families in the 1850s & 1860s while some their other children remained in Hartland until their deaths.

Anna and Solomon are interred together at Ireland Cemetery with some of their children and grandchildren.

See Stafford Family


Frank Lee Griffith (1877-1937)

Frank graduated from Hartland Academy and married Addie Mabel Pickard in 1901 with whom he had 7 children.

He opened a woodworking business on Mill Street in the early 1900s after purchasing and moving the former James W. Moor Furniture Manufacturing building from Moor Street to Mill Street where it became known as “The Big Shop” seen in this photo.

Frank fulfilled hundreds of custom made wood projects for almost  every person and business in Hartland over his almost 40 years in the trade as noted in his Work Order Journals.

He was very involved with various town affairs and served as Hartland Town Clerk for several years as well as a long time member of the Hartland School Committee.

Frank and Mabel are interred together at  Pine Grove Cemetery.

See  Griffith Family

Albert W. Miller (1835-1916)

Albert was born in Palmyra and first moved to Hartland by 1870 where he later opened the A. W. Miller Drug Store on Main Street around 1877.

He married Myra Haskell in 1877 and was very active in town affairs. He served in several offices including Town Selectman, Liquor Agent, Probate Judge and as State Representative for Hartland.

Albert moved his business in the mid-1880s for a decade or so across the street to the Hartland Drug Store building. His store there was also a lending library in the 1890s when he stored and rented books before the Hartland Public Library opened in 1903. He returned to his original location in 1902 where he worked right up until his death.

In the late 1890s, he built a large, beautiful park which ran the length of his property line along the Sebasticook River which was named Woodbine Terrace.

Albert and Myra are interred at Pine Grove Cemetery.

See  Miller Family

Charles Henry Skinner (1838-1894)

Charles was a native of St. Albans and operated his C. H. Skinner Dry Goods & Groceries Store on Commercial Street in the 1880s at the former George Lancey, Jr store building.

He left for Everett, Washington with his family in the early 1890s to open a store but died soon after they arrived. The family remained in Everett and his sons would go on to open their own generals stores in the new fledgling railroad town.

Carl Fuller Randlett (1868-1951)

Carl is the oldest of the 3 Randlett Brothers born to Harrison Randlett & Ellen Fuller of West Hartland who all eventually had successful businesses in Hartland.

Carl was involved in almost every aspect of town business and numerous civic organizations as well as operating his Hartland Grain & Grocery Store on Main Street for some 48 years with his wife, Maude Annis, and son, Linwood Annis Randlett.

The store continued business into the 1980s operated by Carl’s granddaughter, Estelle Randlett, and her husband, Keith Tapley.

Carl served as Town Clerk for over 4 decades and was a major part of the Hartland Mills, Inc. which brought the  Hartland Tanning Company to town in 1936.

Carl and Maude are interred at Pine Grove Cemetery.

See Randlett Family, Fuller Family & Annis Family

Thomas Fuller Randlett (1869-1955)

Thomas is the 2nd of the 3 Randlett Brothers born to Harrison Randlett & Ellen Fuller of West Hartland.

As a young man, he worked for a while as a Caretaker in Norwood, Massachusetts where he met his future wife, Margaret MacRae. The couple married in 1901 and following the birth of their 1st child, Rae Fuller Randlett in 1904, returned to Thomas’ native hometown.

Thomas operated an Ice Company off North Street above the Upper Dam as well as a successful Trucking Company. He operated a large farm on the St. Albans Mountain Road before moving to their home on Pleasant Street. He was also active in Town Affairs serving as a Town Selectman.

Thomas is seen here with his work horses at his St. Albans Homestead.

Thomas and Margaret are interred at Pine Grove Cemetery.

See  Randlett Family & Fuller Family 

Harry Elwin Randlett (1879-1973)

Harry was the youngest of the 3 Randlett Brothers born to Harrison Randlett & Ellen Fuller of West Hartland. He married Alice Blanche Moore of Ellsworth (1885-1969) in 1912.

He operated his 1st hardware business in the E.E. Latty Block on Main Street before purchasing the former Park House on Main Street in 1916. He continued the hotel business for a few years before moving his hardware business into the building in late 1921 operating as the Hartland Hardware Store until his retirement in 1959.

Harry was active in town affairs and served as Manager of the Hartland Water Company for over 40 years. They later purchased a house on the corner of Main Street and Pleasant Street where they remained until their deaths.

Harry and Alice are interred together at Pine Grove Cemetery.

See  Randlett Family & Fuller Family 

Elizabeth Ann Linn (1875-1973)

Elizabeth was born in Hartland, the daughter of William Linn, Jr & Luella Greene. Her grandfather, William Linn, Sr is a brother of Archibald Linn.

She operated a Variety Store on Commercial Street in the Hartland Drug Store Block and was quite fond of collecting postcards.

She was also very active in the early Suffragette Movement in Hartland.

Elizabeth also enjoyed spending time at her cottage “The Wee Helm” on Great Moose Lake with her younger brother, Otho Linn.

She is interred at Pine Grove Cemetery with her parents and brothers.

See  Linn Family 


Andrew Tyler Fox, Sr (1909-1979)

Andy was born in Dixmont, the first child of Roland N. Fox & Nellie (Brockman). He married Iva Lillian Boardman in 1938. They moved to Hartland in the 1940s with their 5 children and eventually divorced.

He first began tending to bees in 1921 while working as a trackman for the railroad for some 20 years until a heart attack put him into the bee business full time.

Andy became an iconic figure in Hartland where he lived on the Athens Road in North Hartland making hive frames and tending to some of his many bee hives. Many local families went to his homestead to buy honey where Andy would graciously share his vast knowledge and passion for his beloved bees.

“The Bee Man”, as he was known locally to many folks, is fondly remembered with his long silver hair and old faded red International 1 ton truck (usually with the blinker on) carrying bees, honey and supplies to and from his numerous hive locations. He was often hired to pollinate blueberry crops all over Downeast Maine and numerous apple orchards as far away as Upstate New York and New Jersey.

He was an authority on bees and was featured in magazines and newspaper articles such as this photo of him from a 1973 newspaper interview. His expertise was sought by numerous universities across the country.

Andy is interred at Pine Grove Cemetery. 

William Larrabee (1796-1850)

“William was a prominent citizen of Hartland where he filled various offices including for many years as Justice of the Peace, for one term as County Commissioner, and twice represented his District in the State Legislature. Farming was his life occupation and he owned, cleared and developed one hundred acres of land in West Hartland.

He was accidentally killed by falling upon a rake while throwing down hay from the barn loft. The handle pierced his body and caused him to bleed to death. He was a most popular man, well educated, genial in manner and courteous in deportment.” 

William is interred at Fullers Corner Cemetery with his wife Sarah Plummer and their son Jacob Larrabee.

See Larrabee Family 

Meyer Kirstein (1897-1969)

Known as Max, he was a Polish immigrant who left his native land at age 13 and took a leather worker job in Peabody, Massachusetts. He founded the Irving Tanning Company in Peabody in 1925.

On December 19, 1935, members of Hartland Mills, Incorporated met at his Peabody office and secured a financial commitment from Kirstein to open a new tanning company in Hartland at the former woolen mill facility.

Opening in 1936, the Hartland Tanning Company would enjoy decades of success employing hundreds of local citizens throughout the years.

Mr. Kirstein also earned a well respected status as a philanthropist with numerous financial contributions to Hartland area businesses and local civic projects.

See Hartland Tanning Company 

Merrill Amasa Moore (1897-1976)

Merrill was born in Hartland, the son of Walter H. Moore & Florence Belle Page and a Great-Great Grandson of Hartland settler, William Moor.

He was a graduate of Hartland Academy and West Point Academy and served in World War I before marrying Bertha Emily Gilliatt in 1923.

He and his father opened the W. H. Moore & Son Woodworking Mill on North Street in 1923. Walter is a son of Amasa James Moor and a grandson of James Moor.

Merrill was deeply involved with town affairs including serving as Town Selectman, Hartland School Committee, President of Hartland Mills, Inc. Chairman of the Sesquicentennial Committee and was one of Hartland’s earliest Boy Scout Troop Masters.

Merrill and Bertha are interred together at Pine Grove Cemetery.

See  Moor_Moore Family 

Dr. Lynne Harry Blanchard (1872-1935)

Dr. Blanchard was born in Springfield, Maine and moved to Hartland in the late 1880s where he served as a physician for many years to the people of Hartland and the surrounding area. He later purchased and operated the Hartland Drug Store from about 1902 to 1906.

In 1901, he married Carrie May Linn, daughter of Thomas Archibald Linn & Clara Isabelle Osborne, with whom they had their only child Meredith Linn Blanchard.

As a wedding gift, her parents gave them the former Dr. Charles Moulton house on Blake Street which would later become the residence of Dr. Paul Briggs.

Dr. Blanchard & Carrie moved to Pittsfield in 1915 where he was a full-time physician but he still served Hartland citizens performing many births and declaring numerous deaths of which he signed the respective certificates.

In the late 1920s, he moved to Oakland, California where he continued his medical practice until his death. Dr. Blanchard is interred at Mt. View Cemetery in Oakland, California.

See  Linn Family

Donald K. Hollister (1919-2005)

Don was born in St Albans, the son of Frank Luther Hollister, Sr & Alice Estelle McKenney who moved to Hartland about 1922.

He attended schools as a young man in Detroit, Michigan and then returned and graduated from Hartland Academy with the Class of 1937 as seen here in his Senior Photo. He married Eleanor Harding Towle in 1939.

Don was first employed by H. C. Baxter Canning Company where he became a foreman then later worked at Hartland Tanning Company. He served as a Selectman and Treasurer for the Town of Hartland and as a Trustee for the Hartland School Department. He was an honorary member of the Hartland Volunteer Fire Department and served as Somerset County Deputy Sheriff for 20 years.

Don became the first Post Master at the new Post Office in Hartland on April 15, 1961 and served in the position for 20 years.

In his younger years, Don managed and played for the Hartland Tanners baseball and basketball teams. Their camp on Great Moose Lake was known as the ‘South Forty.’

Don & Eleanor are interred together at Pine Grove Cemetery.

See  Hollister Family & Towle Family


Samuel Ham, Sr (1782-1865)

As noted in 1912, “Samuel was the first of the name to come to Cambridge. He came from Kennebunkport to Harmony nearly 100 years ago, and soon afterward to Cambridge, where he settled on Ham Hill. He married Shuah Staples and they had 14 children, only the last three of whom were born in Cambridge. The old place is now occupied by Sumner Ham. The house is situated on the old county road from Skowhegan to Moosehead Lake. It is now the home of the fourth generation of the family.

During his life Mr. Ham worked to a considerable extent at the blacksmith’s trade, making chains, axes, and all kinds of farming implements for the farmers in the vicinity.

An interesting event to members of the family is the annual reunion, which is to be held on the last Wednesday in August. In 1910 the gathering was held at the home of Samuel Ham and 48 members of the family were present. In 1911, the place of meeting was the home of Ivan Warren Ham in Cambridge.”

Samuel’s Great Grandson, Ivan Warren Ham and his wife Nora Adams, moved from Cambridge to St Albans in 1936 before moving to Hartland. Several of their children later married into several local Hartland families. Ivan & Nora are interred together at Pine Grove Cemetery.

See  Samuel Ham Family

Lucius Bowles Marsh (1818-1901)

Lucius was born in Danvers, Massachusetts and came to Waterville with his parents who then moved to West Hartland in 1829. He later moved to Cambridge, Massachusetts where he remained until his death.

“At the age of 12 in July of 1830, Lucius, with his brother Thomas, then two and a half years older than himself, with a horse and a herd of cattle, went from (West) Hartland to Milton, Massachusetts, a distance of 230 miles, occupying nine days, including the Sabbath, which day they rested. Lucius carried the money and made all the bargains.

He expected to remain and receive an education in the vicinity of Boston, but his father having been disabled by a stroke of palsy, he was obliged to commence, at this early age of 12, to earn his own living, in which he was not only successful, but was also able to assist his parents, who had become dependent on account of his father’s total inability to do anything.”

See  Marsh Family 

Elberton P. Dyer (1869-1947)

Elberton first moved from his native home of Brighton to St Albans working as a school teacher before he became Principal at Hartland Academy and married Hartland native Georgia Ellen Annis (1870-1963).

He served as Superintendent of Hartland Schools in 1897 before they moved to Newport in 1900.

They moved to Hartland around 1902 with their children where he opened his store E. P. Dyer Mens Clothing on Commercial Street with Georgia where he is pictured here at the store.

He and Georgia are interred together at Pine Grove Cemetery.

See  Dyer Family & Annis Family

Aurelia (Starbird) Coston (1841-1927)

Also known as Aurilla, she was born in North Hartland, the daughter of David Starbird & Aphia Fogg.

She married Joshua Coston (1833-1905) in 1860 and had 4 children; Abraham Lincoln Coston, Ellen (Coston) Linnell, Fremont Joshua Coston & Harry Howard Coston.

Aurelia and Joshua are interred together at Pine Grove Cemetery with several of their children and descendants.

See Coston Family & Starbird Family  

Samuel Littlefield (1825-1917)

Samuel is the 2nd child of Charles Littlefield, Sr & Nancy Ham of North Hartland where he was born and lived his entire life.

He married 1st to Almira Starbird in 1855 and had 2 children.

Following her death in 1859, he remarried to Sophia Hoyt about 1861 and had 6 more children with her.

Samuel and both of his wives are interred at Black Stream Cemetery  in North Hartland.

Samuel is seen here celebrating his 90th Birthday on May 19, 1915.

See Littlefield Family & Starbird Family

Edgar Horace Thompson (1860-1941)

Edgar is a son of Prince Thompson & Hannah Prince of West Hartland where he was born and raised. Edgar’s paternal grandfather Peleg Thompson settled in West Hartland soon after 1820 and built the original Thompson Homestead.

Edgar was a livestock dealer in Hartland as was his brother Frank Thompson who later lived at the Palmyra Town Line side of Elm Street.

In 1907, Edgar and his family moved from Hartland to the Seattle area where he owned a large and successful livestock business in Mt. Vernon, Washington.

See  Thompson Family 


Dr. Arthur Lunt Moulton, D.D.S. (1901-1985)

Arthur was born and raised in Hartland, the son of Dr. Charles A. Moulton & Abbie Lunt.

He became a Dentist and moved to Auburn where he married Lucia Ann Lombard in 1930. He served with the U. S. Navy in World War II.

He later took over his father’s business as President at the Hartland & St Albans Telephone Company following his death in 1946.

Arthur is pictured here while attending Hartland Academy about 1916.

He and Lucia are interred with his parents at Pine Grove Cemetery.

See  Moulton Family 


Sarah Jane Robinson (Moody) Dalby (1836-1886)

Sarah was born in West Hartland, the daughter of Joshua Moody, Jr & Amy Kendall Bowley. She moved to Victoria, British Columbia in 1865 with her father following her mother’s death where they joined her brothers, Thomas Gage Moody and Sewell Prescott Moody.

She married William Dalby who had moved to Victoria in 1862 and became the 9th Mayor of the City of Victoria in 1873. He was a past Grand Master of the Grand Lodge of British Columbia, A.F. & A.M. and in 1887 was appointed by the Grand Lodge of Canada as Representative of their Grand Lodge of British Columbia.

As noted in The Daily Colonist on March, 10 1886; “No death has occurred in Victoria for a long time that has created so deep and painful a feeling of regret as that of Mrs. Dalby. The flag at City Hall was displayed at half-mast during the day as a mark of respect to the memory of the deceased”.

See  Bowley Family & Spearin Family 

Dr. Paul Revere Briggs (1904-1985)

Dr. Briggs was born in Ashland, Massachusetts, the son of Robert Phoenix Briggs & Catherine Blanche Raymond.

He graduated from Tufts University School of Medicine in Boston in 1931 and moved to Hartland to join the Scott-Webb Memorial Hospital Staff in 1935. He lived on Elm Street before moving into the former Dr. Lynne H. Blanchard residence on Blake Street.

He became the Chief Hospital Administrator and Resident Surgeon following the death of Dr. Charles A. Moulton in 1946. He was also on the Hartland Board of Public Health and was School Physician for Hartland Schools for 20 years.

Dr. Briggs is interred at Pine Grove Cemetery.

See  Briggs Family

Ambrose Finson Church (1836-1920)

Ambrose is a son of Greenleaf Church & Elizabeth Jane Finson of West Hartland where he was born and raised.

“He is virtually unknown, yet his masterpieces, the ‘Church Maps’, are hailed as genealogical treasures and are unequaled as a genealogy tool.

In the States he had been employed with a mapmaker, Jacob Chace Jr, who in 1862 had been dickering with the Nova Scotia government regarding the creation of county maps and had already surveyed portions of the province.

The government of Nova Scotia became interested in map making in 1862 and contracted Jacob Chace, a mapmaker from Portland Maine for a series of 18 county maps.

Civil Engineer Ambrose Finson Church took over the contract in 1865 and relocated from his hometown of Hartland to Bedford, Nova Scotia for the duration of the work.”

See  Church Family 

Daniel Elmer Connelly (1908-1973)

Dan was born in Hartland, the son of John F. Connelly & Mary Annis. Mary was a school teacher in the Hartland Common School for several decades.

He married Norma N. Clark in 1934 and had 2 sons, Clark & John Connelly.

Dan was Plant Manager at H. C. Baxter & Brothers Canning Company before he was hired in 1947 by Meyer Kirstein for the same position at the Hartland Tanning Company .

He was noted by his peers as a well respected local resident who brought his management and people skills to the tannery and played a key role in its future success over the following 25 years.

Dan is pictured here with his youngest son John around 1943.

He and Norma are interred together at Pine Grove Cemetery.

See  Annis Family


Walter Ernest Mebroy Seekins (1860-1910)

Walter was born in St. Albans and married Hartland native Alice Hewie Waldron in 1877. They resided in St Albans until they moved to Hartland in 1892 where he built a store on Commercial Street which he operated until illness forced him to sell the store in 1906.

In 1900, Walter purchased the first of his lots on Blake Street from Calvin Blake, Jr where he eventually built his residence. In 1902, he extended a throughway, known then as West Court, from his Blake Street driveway to Commercial Street at the entry of the Methodist Church which officially became  Seekins Street by 1910.

His Commercial Street store block, pictured here in the background with Walter on the right and Elberton P. Dyer on the left, would be operated by several different owners over the next few decades following its sale including Whitney, Sterns, Barden, Cooper, Cookson, Reynolds & Doyle.

Walter and Alice are interred together at St. Albans Village Cemetery.

See  Walter Seekins Family 


Dr. Peleg Sprague Haskell (1832-1890)

Dr. Haskell was born in Hartland, a son of Peleg C. Haskell & Louise Fogg who had settled on Commercial Street in Hartland in the early 1820s. 

Dr. Haskell married Almira Page in 1856, daughter of John Page, and opened his first medical practice in Hartland at the future Harrington Block on Main Street.

The couple moved to Stockton just before 1860, but following Almira’s death in 1865 at just 30 years old, he remarried and moved to St. Paul, Minnesota in 1879 with his 2nd wife & family where he remained until his death.

See  Haskell Family & Page Family 

Rae Fuller Randlett I (1904-1984)

Rae is a son of Thomas Fuller Randlett & Margaret MacRae. He was born in Norwood, Massachusetts where his parents had met and married before they moved back to Hartland soon after his birth.

He married Gwendolyn F. Hanson in 1927 and they had 2 children before her untimely death in 1938.

Rae was very involved with many town affairs and was instrumental as part of   Hartland Mills, Inc. effort to bring the Hartland Tanning Company to town in 1936. Rae was also a member of the Hartland Volunteer Fire Department and a Somerset County Deputy Sheriff.

He purchased the former A. R. Burton & Son Hardware Store on Commercial Street in the early 1940s where he began Rae’s Hardware later becoming Randlett’s Market.

Rae is seen here with his 2nd wife, Meredith (Knowles) Randlett, at their store.

He is interred at Pine Grove Cemetery with Gwen and Meredith.

See  Randlett Family & Fuller Family


Allen W. Webber (1840-1920)

Allen moved from Orono to Hartland with his parents in the 1850s and settled in North Hartland.

He served in the Civil War with the 22nd Maine Infantry, Company K.

Their daughter Lena (Webber) Davis and her husband built the Davis-Webber Block at Warren Square in the early 1920s.

Allen and his wife Hartland native Louisa Tripp (1840-1934) are pictured here at their North Hartland home about 1910.

They are interred together at Ireland Cemetery.

See  Webber Family & Tripp Family


The Webb Family

Front Row: Elmeda (Moor) Webb (1835-1919) & Nathan Webb (1838-1917).

Back Row (L-R): Nina (Webb) Buck (1874-1918), Cora (Webb) Shaw (1869-1917) & Eva (Webb) Scott (1862-1932).

Elmeda (Moor) Webb is a daughter of James Moor who rebuilt their original house on Main Street which eventually became Scott-Webb Memorial Hospital. James is a son of William Moor.

After her mother’s death in 1919, Eva was the only living descendant of the Webb Family. She lost her sister Cora, her husband Andrew Scott and her father Nathan in 1917 followed by her sister Nina’s death in 1918.

The only child of any of the sisters was Eva’s daughter, Annie Scott, who had died in 1909.

See  Moor_Moore Family, Buck Family & Shaw Family 

John William Plummer (1914-1999)

John purchased the former Hartland Hardware Store from Harry Randlett in 1959 and operated the Hartland Emporium there until 1984. The building was originally built as The Park House.

“Johnny” was famous for his rotating displays of store goods in the large glass bay windows and particularly popular was an annual Christmas display of Santa’s Workshop complete with mechanical elves that seemed to saw and hammer away at their workbenches.

He was a World War II Veteran and was also very involved in town affairs. He will long be remembered for his portrayal of Uncle Sam in numerous parades over the years.

John and his wife, Florence Pranger, are interred at Pine Grove Cemetery.


Isaac Woodbury (1830-1891)

Isaac was born in Hartland, the 8th and youngest child of Isaiah Woodbury I & Thankful Libby.

Following the end of The Civil War, Isaac left Hartland in 1868 for Weaverville, California with his wife, Mary Louise Dorsey, and his older brother David L. Woodbury, a Civil War Veteran.

Joining them were Isaac’s nephews, David Woodbury, also a Civil War Veteran, and 17 year old Isaac Woodbury, both sons of Isaac’s oldest brother, Isaiah Woodbury II & Mary “Polly” Cook. The latter Isaac Woodbury died the following year after they arrived.

Isaac and Mary would have 8 children and remained in Weaverville until their deaths. They are interred at Weaverville Cemetery in the Woodbury Family Plot with several of their children as well as his brother and 2 nephews.

See Woodbury Family


Carleton Eli Deering (1906-1960)

Carleton was born and raised in Hartland, a son of Albert Brooks Deering, Sr & Elsie Mae Brooks.

He graduated from Hartland Academy with the Class of 1924 who were the only class not to graduate from the Academy building following its destruction by fire in December of 1923 before it was rebuilt and reopened in November of 1924.

Carleton served as the first Fire Chief of the newly reorganized Hartland Volunteer Fire Department in 1941 continuing in the position for many years.

He is pictured here on November 19, 1941 bringing home the Fire Department’s brand new 1941 Pump & Hose Engine No. 1.

Carleton is interred with his 1st wife, Lena Belle Whitten, and his 2nd wife, Dorothy Lelah Varnum, at Pine Grove Cemetery.

See  Deering Family 

Alberta (Wilkins) Hanson (1874-1960)

Known as Bertie, she was born in St. Albans and married Perley Moses Hanson of Palmyra. They moved from Palmyra to Hartland shortly after 1910 where she opened her first millinery and clothing store at the Linn Block on Commercial Street.

In 1920, they purchased G. M. Lancey’s Store Block across the street where she operated B. W. Hanson Clothing Store. They lived upstairs where they raised their 2 children, Maurice Wilkins Hanson & Gwendolyn F. Hanson.

Around 1930, Maurice became a partner in the family business and they began operating as B. W. Hanson & Son Clothing Store.

Bertie and Perley are interred together at Pine Grove Cemetery.

See Hanson Family & Randlett Family

Lyman Rowell (1841-1924)

Lyman was born in Hartland, the 7th of 10 children of Captain John Rowell and his 1st wife Mary Huff.

He spent his youth in Hartland before heading west in 1863 at 22 years old where he was an early pioneer of Confidence, California in Tuolumne County and remained there for the rest of his life. In 1884, he married Eveline Cox and a son Millard Lyman Rowell was born to them in 1886. 

Lyman’s parents as well as 8 of his siblings are interred at Ireland Cemetery.

Upon his death at 82 years old, his gravestone at Carters Cemetery in Tuolumne, California was engraved to eternally reflect his native Hartland roots.

See Rowell Family & Huff Family

William P. Larrabee (1825-1904)

William is a son of William Larrabee & Sarah Plummer. He left the family farm in West Hartland in 1846 and worked 9 summers in Somerville, Massachusetts as a brick maker returning home to work in the woods during the winters.

William traveled to the West Indies twice during this time and in 1852 went to California to be a miner with his brother, Hugh. He returned to Hartland one final time in the spring of 1854 then left that summer for Illinois.

In September of 1854, he purchased 232 acres of land in Auburn, Sangamon County, Illinois. 

In 1859, he married Mary Church, also from West Hartland, a daughter of Hanson Church & Frances Bowley. They built this sprawling farm raising corn and livestock and raised their family.

See Larrabee Family, Church Family & Bowley Family 

Dr. Calvin Blake (1798-1870)

Dr. Blake came from Turner to Hartland in December of 1825 where he commenced his medical practice as the first resident Doctor in town. He remained in active practice in Hartland for forty-two years.

He was greatly involved with town politics and was on the original Board of Trustees for Hartland Academy in 1832.

He owned a large area of land on Academy Street where he built his first house with portions of his land later becoming Blake Street , named in his honor.

Dr. Blake and his wife Louisa Haskell eventually built a house on the corner of Academy Street and Main Street which still stands today and has been occupied over the decades by his son Calvin Blake Jr, George M. Lancey, Lewis H. Barden and the Crummett Family.

As written posthumously by fellow Hartland physician Dr. Harris Pushor, “He was most assuredly a good and practical physician, possessing an active mind, disciplined by study and an extensive practice; quick in his decisions; promptly resorting to bold and heroic treatment when necessity required prompt measures to be taken. As an obstetrician none excelled him. In consultation he was honorable and gentlemanly, seeking to promote the welfare of both patient and physician. Though stern and decided in his deportment, he possessed a heart as tender as a child. The cheat, the impostor and quack, he hated with bitter hatred. In his death the community feels that they have met with an irreparable loss.”

Dr. Blake and Louisa are interred together at Ireland Cemetery .

See  Blake Family & Haskell Family 

Doris Iva (Pelkie) Emery (1914-1980)

Doris was born in West Hartland, the oldest of the 9 children of Emerson Randolph Pelkie & Iva Pearl Dickinson.

She began her decades long teaching career in the Hartland Common Schools at the Fullers Corner School as a Teacher’s Assistant in 1933 before marrying St Albans native Floyd H. Emery in November of the same year and beginning their family of 2 sons.

She soon returned to teaching at the Village Schools and eventually became the 6th Grade Teacher at the new Hartland Consolidated School when it opened in 1950. In her last few years of teaching, she taught 3rd Grade up until her retirement.

Doris & Floyd are pictured here in 1969. They are interred together at Pine Grove Cemetery.

See  Pelkie Family & David Emery Family 

Albert Johnson Stafford (1840-1917)

Albert was born in North Hartland, a son of Jacob Stafford & Roxanna Starbird, who moved the family to Hamilton, Illinois in the 1850s.

He served in The Civil War with the 78th Illinois Voluntary Infantry, Company C and moved to David City, Nebraska after the war.

“Albert J. Stafford, who has been a member of the National Home for Disabled Volunteer Soldiers Home for the past two months, passed away very suddenly last evening from heart failure. Mr. Stafford, who was a very earnest worker for the cause of temperance and women’s suffrage, was addressing a meeting of the W.C.T.U. at the home chapel last evening when he stepped backward, fell and was dead. Mr. Stafford was born in Maine on August 30, 1840, being 77 years, eight months and seven days old at the time of his demise.”

He is interred at David City Cemetery in Nebraska with his 2nd wife.

See Stafford Family

Peggy Ann Morgan (1950-2017)

Peggy is a daughter of Thirnwood Frederick Morgan, Sr & Lenora Mae Brooks.

She was born and raised in Hartland and graduated in 1968 as a member of the last class to graduate from Hartland Academy.

Peggy became the first woman to serve as Hartland Town Manager, a position she would hold for some 30 years.

Through the three decades of often turbulent times for Hartland, she was usually appreciated for her can-do attitude and her caring devotion in obtaining what she thought was best for the town.

Peggy was instrumental in assisting with the formation of numerous local civic groups including her undivided support for the creation of the Hartland Historical Society in 2003.

Peggy is interred with her parents at Pine Grove Cemetery.

See  Morgan Family 

The Littlefield Sisters

Born and raised in North Hartland, they are the daughters of Kingman H. Littlefield and his 2nd wife, Sophia Ann Wing.

Pictured here from about 1895 clockwise from left:

Flora (Littlefield) Longfellow (1871-1957)

Martha “Mattie” (Littlefield) Malbon (1864-1916)

Andella “Della” (Littlefield) Clough (1867-1952)

Mina (Littlefield) Clough (1875-1960)


See  Littlefield Family 

Addie Ruth Berry (1851-1878)

Addie was born in Hartland, the daughter of Casandana Perkins and her 1st husband, Joseph Berry.

Casandana is a daughter of Hobbs & Lois Perkins who were early settlers on Huff Hill.

Addie passed away at 27 years old and is interred at Ireland Cemetery with several other family members.


See  Hobbs Perkins Family 

Thomas M. Finson (1816-1896)

Thomas M. Finson was born in West Hartland, the 3rd of the 10 children of Ambrose Finson, Sr & Elizabeth Jordan.

Thomas made his way to Iowa with his wife sometime after 1860 where they settled in “Maine Township” in Linn County where he was a farmer and lived out the rest of their lives there.

His gravestone eternally reflects his native Hartland roots from Mount Clark Cemetery in Central City, Iowa.

See  Finson Family 

Greenville Jefferson Shaw (1843-1903)

Greenville was born in Cummington, Massachusetts, the son of Charles Shaw & Jane Whiting. He came to Dexter at 8 years old with his father where he was raised and later married Jennie Marie Luce of Milo in 1864 with whom he had 5 children.

In 1867, he and his father purchased the former Josiah Billings Tannery in Hartland on North Street located at the Upper Dam operating as Shaw & Son Tannery along with a tannery in Burnham. They soon purchased tanneries in Plymouth and Detroit.

In late 1880, he built Maple Place Farms, so called by Shaw, on an 8 acre lot on Commercial Street now commonly referred to as the Century House and moved his family from Detroit to Hartland where he operated his tannery. He also continued breeding thoroughbred trotters there which he had first begun in Detroit in 1876. In 1880, he also purchased a 640 acre farm in Stetson which he renamed Cream Brook Farm where he also raised horses as well as premium cattle until he sold it in 1886 but continued breeding trotters at his Hartland residence.

He owned several other real estate holdings in Hartland including the former 90 acre Ireland Farm which stretched along Pleasant Street of which a large portion was later purchased by H. C. Baxter & Brother Canning Company.

Shaw was very active in town affairs while he lived in Hartland serving as Town Selectman and a member of the Hartland School Committee. He also served important leading roles in creating the Hartland Telephone Association in 1882, the Hartland Town Hall Association in 1891 and the Sebasticook & Moosehead Railroad along with Archibald Linn.

In 1887, a great flood heavily damaged Shaw’s remaining tannery in Hartland. He left the tanning business soon after and focused on his operations at Maple Place Farm and other business ventures. Shaw was named as an Executor in the Will of his friend and business colleague Archibald Linn upon Linn’s death in 1889.

In 1900, Greenville moved to Bath where he had established an insurance business at the time of his death. He and Jennie are interred together at Mt. Pleasant Cemetery in Dexter.

See Shaw Family

Ida Ethel (Fox) Briggs (1919-2015)

Ida was born in Lovell, Maine, the 3rd of 7 children of Elmer Eugene Fox & Ethel Clara Webster. The family moved to Harmony in the 1920s before later settling in Hartland in 1939.

She graduated from Harmony High School in 1936 then the Ring School of Psychiatric Nursing in Arlington, MA in 1938. From 1938-1941, she studied at Symmes Arlington Hospital with affiliations at Boston Lying-In Hospital for Obstetrics, Boston Floating Hospital for Pediatrics and Charles Chaplin Hospital for Contagious Diseases in Providence receiving her Nursing Degree in 1941.

Ida enlisted for WWII and served as an Ensign in the U.S. Naval Nurse Corps from 1942-1943 and as 2nd Lieutenant in the U.S. Army Nurse Corps from 1943-1944.

Following the end of the war, she began her career at  Scott-Webb Memorial Hospital  in 1947 as a Registered Nurse soon becoming Superintendent of Nursing and Assistant Hospital Administrator until the hospital closed in 1972. She married as her 2nd husband Dr. Paul Revere Briggs in 1953. Ida was a long standing member of the Hartland Historical Society.

Ida is interred at Pine Grove Cemetery with Dr. Briggs.

See Fox Family 

Alonzo Plummer (1842-1907)

Alonzo was born in West Hartland, the son of William Plummer & Frances “Fannie” Gordan. 

He spent his youth in Hartland and graduated from Hartland Academy about 1860 before enlisting in The Civil War in 1862 with the 4th Battery of the 1st Maine Light Artillery. In 1864, he was promoted to 2nd Lieutenant of the 30th United States Colored Infantry, Company A with whom he served until the end of the war.

He returned to Hartland briefly before pursuing his law degree at Albany (N.Y.) School of Law. He moved first to Minneapolis operating a successful law firm.

In 1870 he moved to Benton Harbor, Michigan where he continued his practice and became a prominent public figure and attorney eventually becoming its Mayor in 1893.

Alonzo is interred with his wife Ellen D. Hawkes at Morton Hill Cemetery in Benton Harbor, Michigan. His mother and an older sister are interred at Fullers Corner Cemetery.

David Densmore Stewart (1823-1917)

Although not a native son or resident, his financial contributions to Hartland Academy hold a lasting place in its history.

He was born in Corinna, the son of David Steward & Elizabeth Merrick and graduated from Hartland Academy then studied law at Bowdoin College. He moved to St Albans where he was a successful lawyer for the remainder of his life. He was a Maine House of Representative in 1862 and a Maine State Senator from 1863-1865, serving as Senate President in 1865.

Stewart was also on the Board of the original St Albans Telegraph Company in 1893 which was the predecessor of the St Albans & Hartland Telephone Company in 1894 eventually becoming the Hartland & St Albans Telephone Company in 1903 of which Stewart served as the company’s attorney.

He spent the last few years of his life disbursing his personal accumulated wealth and the vast fortune he inherited from his brother Levi Merrick Stewart (1827-1910) who also attended Hartland Academy for a time and had built the Stewart Free Library in 1895 in Corinna in memory of their father. Both of them changed their surname from Steward to Stewart.

Among David’s generous contributions was funding for a new Athletic Field behind Hartland Academy in 1914 with additional funds for future upkeep as well as remodeling the gymnasium. He made a large cash donation to the Hartland Public Library in 1914 which also received 450 of his personal books following his death.

See Hartland Academy


Augusta Adelaide (Davis) Billings (1848-1935)

Known as Addie, she was born in St Albans the daughter of William Davis & Nancy Augusta Matthews.

She became a Teacher at Hartland Academy and eventually became the Academy’s 1st female Assistant Principal under Principal Jonathan Soule.

Soon after the Census of 1870 was taken, Addie moved with her parents from St Albans to Rockford, Iowa and in 1871 married Edward E. Billings who had also  moved to Rockford from Hartland a few years before.

Edward E. Billings (1847-1924) is the son of Josiah Billings & Lydia Ellen Monroe who moved to Hartland in 1856 where he built a tannery at the Upper Dam off North Street which was known as Billings Street until 1897. Following Lydia’s death in 1864, Josiah remarried to Marcia Tibbetts in 1866 and soon after sold his tannery and real estate holdings and moved to Iowa in 1867.

Addie continued teaching in Iowa where she and Edward raised their 5 children and remained until their deaths. Following Edward’s death, Addie visited the Hartland area in the 1930s where she was mentioned in local newspaper articles recalling stories of her time teaching at the Academy.

Eugene & Addie are interred at Riverside Cemetery in Charles City, Iowa with his Father and Step-Mother. His mother Lydia is interred at Ireland Cemetery.

See Billings Family

Captain Joseph Ireland (1776-1851)

Joseph was born in Lunenburg, Massachusetts, the youngest of the 6 children of John Ireland, Sr & Lydia Farwell who moved from Lunenburg to Canaan by 1790.

Joseph married Olive Moor (1780-1861) in 1800 and they lived in Canaan before moving to St Albans by 1830. They moved to Hartland Village by 1840 where he owned a large 90 acre homestead on Pleasant Street across from the cemetery known as the Ireland Farm where they remained until their deaths when their son Joseph took over the family homestead. 

The entire 90 acre Ireland Farm Homestead was purchased by Greenville J. Shaw by 1883 and eventually a portion of it was purchased by H. C. Baxter & Brother Canning Company to build a new canning facility opening in 1913.

It remains unclear when or why the Village Cemetery on Pleasant Street was formerly renamed as Ireland Cemetery. The original schoolhouse located on the Ireland Farm property also became known as the Ireland School.

Olive is a sister of Sally Moor who married William Moor, the first settlers of the Village area which became part of Hartland.

Joseph’s older brother Deacon John Ireland, Jr was one of the first permanent settlers in North Newport in 1807.

Captain Ireland & Olive are interred at their namesake cemetery along with 3 of their 7 children, his mother Lydia and Olive’s parents Abraham Moor & Esther Walker.

See Ireland Family

Dr. David R. Brown (1832-1900)

David was born in Abbey Paisley, Renfrew, Scotland, the son of David Brown & Katherine Ferguson. He married Margaret Guy (1834-1893) in Scotland about 1856 and had 5 children born to them.

They moved from Scotland to Hartland in 1883 with their 5 children and resided on the corner of North Street & Mill Street at the former Josiah Billings house built in 1856. Dr. Brown continued his medical practice in Hartland where he was listed as a physician from 1885 until his death.

Their daughter Margaret Guy Brown (1858-1912) married Henry L. Smith. Their daughter Jean Brown Smith married Birney J. Moore in 1918 and resided in Hartland. Margaret is interred at Pine Grove Cemetery.

Their other daughter Mira Brown (1868-1926) married Charles L. Moor in 1891, son of Amasa J. Moor & Frances E. Lancey. She & Charles are interred together at Pine Grove Cemetery.

Their son John F. Brown (1863-1927) also became a doctor and practiced medicine in Hartland before moving his family to Milwaukee, Wisconsin in 1893.

Dr. David R. Brown and his wife Margaret are interred together at Ireland Cemetery.


See Brown, Moore, Moor/Moore & Lancey Family


Nathan Wheeler (1839-1888)

Nathan was born in West Hartland, the 7th and last child of Jonas Wheeler & Eunice Brown. He spent his youth in Hartland raised with his 5 brothers and a sister before venturing west to California in the late 1860s.

He briefly returned to Hartland where he married Elizabeth Amanda Jewett of West Hartland in 1870. The newly wedded couple returned west where they settled in Minersville, California where their 4 children were born and raised.

Nathan’s parents are interred at Nevens Cemetery along with an older brother Simon Wheeler. Nathan’s oldest brother William Wheeler is interred at Ireland Cemetery.

Upon his untimely death at just 49 years old, Nathan’s gravestone at French Gulch Cemetery in California was engraved to eternally reflect his native Hartland roots.

See Wheeler Family

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