Meeting Notes

Our regular meetings are open to the public. Anyone may join the discussions however only  paid dues members are able to put forth motions or vote on business items.

We welcome anyone interested in helping the society or if you’re just curious about our cause.

Meetings, News & Events

Our next Hartland Historical Society Meeting is:

Monday | October 10, 2022 | 6:00pm


Hartland History Hour

We’re not all business! Join us for a topical historical discussion following our regular meeting for an in-depth look at Hartland’s history.

This informal, open presentation includes photos and information from our website and archive collection.


Upcoming Events

We’ve officially launched our new dedicated Create-A-Home Fundraiser page here on the website! The excitement is HIGH!!

We hope you will please consider a donation of any amount to our Create-A-Home Fundraiser and join our ongoing efforts to make this long awaited opportunity a reality for all. Details may be found on the fundraiser page from the blue link above or at the top of this page. 


Meetings are held on the 2nd Monday of each month at 6:00pm.

NOTE! Effective August 9, 2021, please note the change of venue for our meetings which will now be held at the Irving Tanning Community Center located at 62 Elm Street.

* Subject to weather conditions or other circumstances. Cancellations are posted to our Facebook Page that day of the meeting.

Latest News

We’ll be holding our next regular meeting on Monday, October 10th at 6:00pm. This is also our annually scheduled meeting to hold elections for HHS Offices.

In lieu of our monthly Hartland History Hour, we’ll be spending some additional time on plans for our pending new dedicated room at the Irving Tanning Community Center along with updates on our HHS “Create-A-Home” Fundraiser.

~ News Archives ~

12 Sep 2022: Info coming soon!

8 Aug 2022:  We were very pleased to have a large group in attendance for our meeting! We decided to postpone plans for the Ireland Cemetery event until spring in order to give us more time to properly prepare and seek more volunteers. A suggestion to hold it on Memorial Day before the parade will be definitely be taken under consideration when we reschedule. ITCC’s proposal is to rent us the old library room which was part of the first addition made to the original school building. Attending members took a look at the room and all agreed it has great potential as a suitable location to store and eventually display some of our collection to the public. Some concerns about funding the proposed $2,000 annual rental cost into the future were quickly alleviated when HHS members Deborah Tapley & Stacy Halford immediately stepped up and volunteered to lead a major public fund raising drive to create a sound financial base for future payments. Upon their positive action plan for future funding, attending members voted unanimously to accept the room rental proposal by ITCC. We will move forward at our next meeting in September to begin making plans for cleaning, minor restoration and eventually moving most of our physical collection there. We are VERY excited about this wonderful opportunity and hope you will consider a tax deductible donation to support YOUR Hartland Historical Society! Details about the HHS “Create-A-Home” Fundraiser will be made public soon.

11 July 2022:  Further conversations concerning a home for the historical society and our archives were highlighted with a discussion of a potential space at the Irving Tanning Community Center. It was agreed by attending members to request a formal financial proposal from the ITCC Board of Directors for our review and consideration. An idea for a public event sponsored by HHS at Ireland Cemetery was also discussed and we agreed to consider it pending further details.

13 June 2022:  An informal discussion was held in lieu of our regular official meeting due to some unforeseen circumstances. Our main focus remains finding a financially sustainable and suitable home for the historical society where we can also publicly display a large portion of our growing collection of historical items.

9 May 2022:  Much of our May meeting was spent discussing how we are going to move forward on several fronts such as finding a home, creating some interest in HHS as our attendance at meetings dwindles and coming up with some type of HHS event to give ourselves a little positive spark.

11 Apr 2022:  We’re back for 2022!! We held our first meeting since October 2021 on Monday, April 11th with a nice attendance by members. 

1 Jan 2022:  Due to some member health issues and Covid-19 concerns for all our members, our January, February & March 2022 meetings have been canceled. We will continue to monitor the situation with hopes of returning to regular meetings in April pending further notification.

13 Dec 2021:  Our regular December HHS meeting was canceled due to health issues and Covid-19 concerns.

8 Nov 2021:  Our regular November HHS meeting was postponed due to health issues.

11 Oct 2021:  We’re pleased to share the news that Irving Tanning Community Center has purchased a new 72″ TV which will enable us to resume our Hartland History Hour presentations following our meetings. We were without hesitation unanimous in our vote for a $100 contribution to their TV Fund. Our annual election for HHS officers for 2021-2022 was held resulting in the re-election of incumbents Dot Humphrey, President; Ann Foss, Secretary; Nat Foss, Treasurer.

25 Sep 2021:  We’re very grateful for the wonderful turnout to our various HHS events held during Hartland’s Bicentennial Celebration. Thank You!!

9 Aug 2021:  We’ll be hosting a Quilt, Clothing & Textile Exhibit during Hartland’s Bicentennial Celebration as well as a Historical Slide Show Presentation and access to our website for comments and questions.

23 July 2021:  We’re pleased to announce our 1st meeting since the Covid-19 outbreak will be held on Monday, August 9th at 6:00pm.

1 June 2021:  We are pleased to announce an additional 27 complete editions of ‘The Ripple’ have been digitized and uploaded to the dedicated Hartland Academy page on our website. Our special thanks to the Hartland Bicentennial Committee for sharing a portion of their state bicentennial grant to fund this important historical documentation and to HHS Member Mark Kantor for gathering, packaging and shipping all the yearbooks for us.  

5 Dec 2020:  Although Covid-19 protocols prevent us from meeting in person, we continue extensive work on our new website. We are constantly adding content including a new dedicated page for the Hartland Public Library so be sure to keep checking in for future updates. 

12 Sep 2020:  We are pleased to introduce this new HHS website which enables us to more efficiently share most of our collection with those interested in Hartland’s history. We are constantly adding new content so be sure to keep checking in for future updates. 

5 Sep 2020:  Steeves-McCormack American Legion Post #141 dedicated the new Hayden Park Veterans Memorial Flag Display with a public ceremony attended by numerous residents and visitors including many Veterans. The Hartland Bicentennial Committee plans to make the complete dedication ceremony available on DVD at a later date. Details will be provided when available.

13 Mar 2020:  Due to the Covid-19 Virus outbreak, Hartland Historical Society Meetings are postponed until further notice.

5 Mar 2020:  Due to the Covid-19 Virus outbreak, the Hartland Bicentennial Committee has postponed the scheduled June 2020 celebration until 2021. Details will be provided when available.

1 Mar 2020:  HHS Member Mark Kantor came across a wonderful in-house program at a Correctional Facility in the U. S. providing digital scanning for yearbooks. Further research led Mark to discover they would provide this service for FREE for a limited number of editions of Hartland Academy’s “Ripple” from 1950-1968. Mark sent them 13 issues of qualifying editions we had on hand and they returned them along with a CD with every single page scanned for our archives and uploaded to the Hartland Academy page. We have since secured the remaining 5 qualifying editions and we’ll be sending those to them soon to complete the first portion of the set. There is a reasonable fee to scan the pre-1950 editions (1914-1949) and we are working to establish a cost per book so we can put together a financial plan to eventually fund scanning of the remaining yearbooks in our current collection.

1 Feb 2020:  Our search continues for a dedicated home at a sustainable and safe location to display and share our growing collection. Until then, we are pleased we can share much of our collection in digital format on our website as we continue our quest. 

1 Jan 2020:  The Hartland Historical Society continues assisting Steeves-McCormack American Legion Post #141 in Hartland to help raise funds to build a new Veterans Memorial Flag Display on Pleasant Street next to the former Legion building. The various flags will honor branches of the Military including Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines, Coast Guard and Merchant Marines. If you’re interested in helping fund the new display, donations may be mailed to: American Legion Post 141, P. O. Box 800, Hartland, ME 04943-0800.