PLEASE note these documents have been compiled merely as part of Hartland’s history and the many connections between the various local families. They are intended as informational references only and should NOT be considered for any other purposes.





We have complied several dozen Hartland Family Trees so far which are available below to view as individual click to open documents. Updates are made quite often as new information becomes available as well as new trees being added to our ongoing collection. As with ANY research of a family lineage, there are ALWAYS errors or omissions. We ask that you please be patient and help us correct any such findings by contacting us via our CONTACT US page.

We are very aware some folks are protective of their personal information and we are respectful of that choice. Typically, the information noted includes (when known) names, birth dates, death dates, marriage dates and burial locations as well as other public historical information. If there is information LESS than 72 years old (Information is Public Record after 72 years) for YOU or YOUR immediate family you do not wish to be publicly published on this website, please notify us on our Contact Us page with the specific information you wanted deleted from the document and your relationship to the family and we will remove that information from the specific Family Tree.

Last Update 8/1/2020